Effective Tips for Choosing And Using The Summer Tyres

Effective Tips for Choosing And Using The Summer Tyres

Summer Tyres
Summer Tyres

The vehicle owners are fined in many countries for not using tyres as per the season. However, these people are unaware of the significance of using tyres according to the season. Thus, this article will let you understand the importance of considering the weather while selecting tyres and the best type you must select.

Why must you shift to summer tyres from winter tyres?

Soft rubber compounds are used to manufacture winter tyres. The elasticity of this compound increases when it comes in contact with the hot road. Thus, the distance of braking increases, road traction minimizes, puncture risk increases, tread wearing accelerates. The tyre thus gets punctured easily when it runs over an obstacle. The road-holding capacity of the car is affected by the extra softness. 

The tread pattern of the Summer Tyres London makes it different from the winter tyres. It has different configuration sipes, narrow grooves, and remarkable longitudinal directions. These features facilitate enhanced traction on dry and wet surfaces, reduced hydroplaning risk, a short distance of braking, efficient steering ability and proper resistance for tyre deformation while the vehicle manoeuvres. 

Tips for picking and using summer tyres

You must get the remaining thickness of the tyres if you are opting for old tyres. The remaining thickness must not be less than 2.5-3 mm. Or else the traction on the road would be insufficient.

It would help if you decided to alter your car’s tyres based on your car’s operating conditions. This is because the weather off-season may not be stable when a remarkable temperature change occurs in a day. You must rather wait for the daily average temperature to touch 5-7°C and become stable.

Choosing the correct pattern of tread as per the vehicle’s operating condition is essential while picking new tyres. You can reverse them. They are pretty affordable and are balanced well. The most versatile tyres are those with an asymmetric pattern of tread. They offer road gripping on both wet as well as dry surface. Hence, they are fit for sports driving. The tyres with directional tread patterns prevent hydroplaning. Thus, they are essential in rainy regions.

The rear and the front tyre must be swapped during the following tyre change as the drive axle tyres wear out faster. You must also get the left and right swapped if allowed by the tread pattern. This will increase the durability of the tyres and increase the steering ability of the vehicle. You must install the new tyre on the driving wheels if you use new tyres on one and the old tyres on the other axle.

Rigid tyres don’t wear out faster. Thus, preferring these tyres is essential for vehicles covering long distances daily. However, you must also know that a soft grip offers better traction.

The durability of the tyres decreases if they are stored for long in the warehouse as the rubber age with time. Thus, you must purchase tyres manufactured not more than 1-2 years earlier.

Compared to replacing the tyres, it is convenient and economically efficient to change the wheels in assembly. The chances of tyre damage during installation and dismantling is minimised.

It would help if you chose tyres having a high load index for alloy wheels of lightweight. These products reduce the chances of a sidewall puncture. But, fuel consumption is increased slightly in this.

If you prefer the tyres of reputed brands like Cooper, Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, Dunlop, Pirelli, and Michelin, the tyres will last longer. Own research centres apart from testing sites; production facilities are available in such companies. Thus, they execute innovative ideas and develop qualitative Tyres London. As a result, their tyres are safe, high quality, high in performance and reliable. 

It would help if you always preferred the wider tyres while choosing various tyre sizes suggested by the auto manufacturer for war season use. The wider tyres have more contact spots. But, it would help if you also remembered that chances of hydroplaning in such tyres might be high.


The safety of the road traffic is affected by the reliability and quality of the tyres. The braking distance, off-road performance, road handling capacity and steering ability are affected by them. Thus, it would help if you responsibly chose your tyres. To avoid making the wrong choice of tyres, you must follow the tips and recommendations of the automakers.

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