Different Types Of Tyre Damage Explained

Different Types Of Tyre Damage Explained

Tyre Damage Explained
Tyre Damage Explained

When you develop a health problem, your body starts showing symptoms to alert you about something wrong. Symptoms like joint pain, tiredness, and headaches, all point towards a specific health problem. Machines work similarly. When they develop problems or get damaged, they start to show problems with their functioning. The tyre of your vehicle also start to show signs of damage when they have been in use for a long time. 

One of the most used parts of your vehicles is the tyres. They are highly prone to damage as they are exposed to environmental elements. They start wearing outright from the time you install and start using them. Hence, checking BFGoodrich Tyres Southampton is vital to keeping them in the best shape. The most common kinds of damage are cracks, bulges, punctures, and irregular wear. Keep reading to find out how you can identify tyre issues.

 Causes of Uneven Tread Wear

Tyres are created from several components. So, there can be many reasons for untimely tyre wear. By recognizing the type of uneven wear, you can resolve the problem before going out of hand. 

Centre wear

In this case, there is excessive air in the centre third of your vehicle’s tyre. Consequently, it wears quickly than the outer sections. This wear pattern occurs on the wheels of high-power vehicles. Uneven centre wear is caused due to reasons like overinflation, improper tyre fitment for wheel, and inflating tyre for a loaded car on a vehicle with no load. 

Today, you can notice centre wear in most mid-range vehicles having modern engines. Can it be fixed? Indeed, it would help if you deflated the tyres to the PSI given in the owner’s manual. If centre wear has happened on a vehicle made to carry hefty loads, like vans and other vehicles, deflate the tyres when there is no load on it. Next, inflate the tyres before beginning to load them.

 One-sided wear

The primary reason behind such wear is improper axle geometry. Damaged suspension parts also cause it. When the tyre leans towards or away from the car, the area that remains in contact with the surface the most will start wearing prematurely. You can prevent one-sided wear or stop it by aligning the wheel. But if your tyre mechanic finds that one-sided wear is occurring due to a broader suspension issue, you will be required to get it fixed.

Shoulder wear

This type of wear happens when the different edges of the tyre meet the road, often compared to the centre. It results in uneven shoulder tread wear. This condition can also occur when tyres are kept underinflated. If you are in the habit of hard driving on curved or winding roads, you will also increase your chances of incurring this type of wear on the tyre’s shoulders. 

You can fix this issue with your Tyres Southampton. First, check out the owner’s manual for the correct pressure and inflate your tyres. If this condition is caused by hard-driving, then you should consider rotating your tyres. 

Flat Spots

This problem leads to a part of your tyre becoming less rounded. Instead, it will show a horizontal strip of small to large size across the tread. This problem is usually a result of abruptly starting or braking the car when driving. Harsh braking often leads to a slide with brake lockup. If you have a defective brake system or have installed new brakes, you are liable to encounter this issue. Another reason might be an imbalance in the weight of the wheel. 

The only way you can fix this problem is by replacing your tyres. 

Diagonal wear

Tyres can wear out diagonally when they are underinflated. They can also wear out in such a manner when they have a defective suspension. Other reasons why you may be facing this problem may be because of an improperly executed tyre rotation. Wheel alignment issues may also cause this problem. 

You can only fix this problem by taking your vehicle out to a certified tyre expert. They will assess the issue and will rectify it according to the extent of the damage. 

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