Electric cycles under 10000 Which are Available at Online Store

Electric cycles under 10000 Which are Available at Online Store

electric cycles under 10000

Electric cycle under 10000 – Some of the Affordable Electric Cycles 

Electric bicycles are taking the world by storm. These are becoming extremely voguish, and people are using those increasingly as a convenient commuting option. The best part is that these help the commuters to reach their destination fast. Riding an electric cycles under 10000 means choosing an eco-friendly choice. 

Electric cycle price is a bit costly, but if you invest in a good quality bicycle, it will go a long way. If you are interested in traditional electric cycles under 10000, then check out excellent electric cycles under 10000 available in India. Electric cycles under 10000 are usually normal hybrid ones or road bikes or mountain bikes.

The electric cycle price goes up because this revolutionary invention gets its power from lithium-ion technology. Get one of your own and catch the eyes wherever you go without having to sweat even a bit. 

Let us go through some affordable electric cycles under 10000 available at the online store.

Electric cycles under 10000 Hero Lectro E- Zephyr TX: 

This electric cycles under 10000 is selling like hot cake in India, and it is equipped with a single-speed drivetrain, front brakes, and 700c wheels. The cycle has four different modes: pedal, pedelec, throttle, and cruise. 

You can reach the highest speed of 25 km/hr with this attractive electric bike. Furthermore, the longevity of the battery is approximately 3 years. Check out the electric cycle price today and run errands in style. 

Electric cycles under 10000 Hero Lectro Essentia Tx 27.5”:

Riding experience couldn’t get any better. The double alloy rims make this electric cycle super sturdy. Actually, this doesn’t fall under the category of electric cycles under 10000But, the electric cycle price is legit compared to the features that this bike comes with. This electric bike can cover up to 30 km with a single charge. The capacity is robust, and the maximum speed for travel is 25 km/hr. 

Hero Lectro Glide Lady 26″ Electric cycles under 10000

Hey ladies! There’s one super sexy electric bike for you guys too. Ride on this electric bike and be the showstopper. You can check out the electric cycle price on an online store. Stop looking for electric cycles under 10000 because now you can buy this one with Bajaj Finserv Network Card. Do not wait anymore; make your mode of transport super happening with Hero Lectro Glide. The blazing purple color of this bike will surely grab the attention of passers by. 

Scott Silence e Ride: 

Seriously, we all need to worry about the health of the environment. How can we do it? The most straightforward answer is by reducing the amount of carbon footprint. Hence, Scott has brought forth the stylish and super attractive electric bike that can travel up to 120 km. The adjustable stem will allow you to ride with utmost comfort. Furthermore, the bike comes with a light and compact Bosch Performance CX Drive Unit. The battery capacity is 504w. The electric cycle price is pretty affordable if you choose to buy it with Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. The high-quality components ensure safety, stability, and cost-effectiveness, all at the same time. 

Swagtron Swag cycle EB-5:

The compact design of this electric bicycle will undoubtedly appeal to your senses compared to the electric cycle price. The aluminum frame is lightweight, and since the size is compact, you can park it anywhere without thinking much. The seat is adjustable according to the height of the rider. Plus, it comes with removable batteries; if you want to embark on elaborate riding adventures, just take out the existing battery and replace it with one that has a better capacity to cover longer distances. Go full throttle up to 15 MPH. However, if you like to ride like a traditional rider, there are pedals you can use. The electric cycle price is a bit on the costlier side, but why should you worry? With the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network card, you can get this quickly by opting for the no-cost EMI option. Moreover, you will also be able to surf through exciting deals and offers. 

Those days are gone when you used to check out cycles under 10000. Now, you can afford all ranges of electric cycle price with the help of the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, jackpot, isn’t it? Point to be noted: Finding electric cycles under 10000 in India is very difficult. Pay an excellent electric cycle price and embrace convenience.