The Role Of Winter Tyres In The Cold Weather

The Role Of Winter Tyres In The Cold Weather

Winter Tyres
Winter Tyres

There is no doubt about the fact that winter is a lovely season. But the cold temperatures and the snow-filled roads make your vehicle’s job arduous. But what if we told you that a little bit of preparation is all it takes to stand up to the challenge? 

Winter tyres are essential for making your vehicle ready for the frosty weather. You must also check on the other auto parts to make sure they are appropriate for the season.

What are winter tyres?

When the temperature falls below 7-degree Celsius, the time comes for the winter tyres to shine. These are specially engineered to grip the pavement tight and provide the ultimate traction on various surfaces. Be it snow, ice, wet, or dry, these radials can tackle it all. 

How do winter tyres function?

The main distinguishing factors between any two types of Tyres Milton Keynes are the compound each of them is made of and the tread pattern. 

In the case of winter tyres, the tread is littered with several deep grooves and narrow sipes. They help in removing the water, lessening the chances of hydroplaning. Besides, the massive rubber blocks help in gripping the snow and ice well. 

As we all know, rubber is very temperature-sensitive. Running standard tyres in the freezing weather will make the rubber brittle and wear out sooner than you blink. So the rubber in the snow tyres is infused with more silica allowing it to remain soft at low temperatures. 

In winter tyres, the tread blocks are crafted in a way to shake whenever there is movement. That means any snow that sticks to the radials is pulled off, improving the adhesion.

Is it compulsory to use winter tyres?

The answer to the above question varies from one country or state to another. In some places like Germany, it is mandatory to fit a set as soon as October begins. In places like the UK, however, there is no such mandate. Some regions issue a notice to mount them if the weather demands it. Figure out the laws in your area to determine whether you legally require them or not. If there are no such restrictions, feel free to mount them after consulting an expert.

How can you identify winter tyres?

Unless you are a professional who deals with tyres regularly, it is hard to identify tyres visually. That is why manufacturers add an alpine or three mountain peak snowflake symbol on their sidewalls. 

How do you store winter tyres?

When the air warms up above 7 degrees Celsius, winter tyres are no longer usable. Thus, you have to lock them away in a storage unit to keep them in tip-top condition. Make sure this area is cool, dry and located away from sunlight. Rinse them to get rid of any dirt and pile them over each other. If you do not have enough space in your garage or shed, you can pay for a tyre hotel, a service many tyre fitters provide.

How do winter tyres compare with all-season ones?

As we have established previously, winter tyres provide superb performance in the colder months of the year. In warm climates, you can use summer tyres to sustain the heat. Yes, this does mean you have to switch the two types of tyres back and forth. It is indeed a lot of work, so a solution was found – All Season Tyres Milton Keynes. If the climate is mild enough, these work perfectly throughout the year without a need for swaps and storage. However, if you were to compare the performance of winter and all-weather tyres in the cold, the latter would not stand a chance. In doing the best of both worlds, it fails to provide the superior grip and handling that winter tyres can. In terms of expenses, although all-season tyres are pricy, two sets of seasonal tyres, one summer and the other winter can also cost a hefty amount. You have to decide which type to go for depending on the needs of your vehicle. 

What is the takeaway message?

Winter is a season full of wonders and challenges. Enjoying a pleasant ride in this weather can need some vehicle grooming beforehand, but it will be worth it. You have to take extra precautions to make sure that you stay safe this time of the year. Winter tyres can help you in achieving that. Buy a set that fits your budget, and voila! Your rides just became perfect.