Is Taqwa A Part Of Your Life? If You Want To Know Then Let’s Test Yourself!

Is Taqwa A Part Of Your Life? If You Want To Know Then Let’s Test Yourself!

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Several Muslims strive for the virtues of Taqwa. In English, the word “piety” is its common translation. This English word, however, does not encompass all of Taqwa’s implications and has a few negative definitions and connotations. The word “piety” connotes judgment and perfection. We believe that the Catholic saints are pious people, and we frequently feel that we’ll never be able to match their perfection. We can either harshly evaluate ourselves or feel judged as a result of this.

Taqwa has nothing about judging others or being perfect. So, we can disregard these connotations. Taqwa is derived from the Arabic word “weqaya,” which means “protection.”  Therefore, by living an exemplary life, being conscious of Allah, and having Taqwa, we protect ourselves physically and spiritually. Having or striving for Taqwa is a selfish deed that Allah requires from us. Allah tells us about what will harm us and advises us to avoid it. As He is created us and also He is the only one who knows us better than ourselves, That’s why He informs us what will benefit us and, as a result, where we should go. The great thing about Taqwa and this type of self-protection, living a careful and Lord-conscious life, is the way of being generous.

As we all come from the same Creator, if we truly comprehended our own existence, we’ll realize we’re inextricably linked to every other human, animal, and atom on the earth. Taqwa entails not just being conscious of how your acts affect your own life, but also of how they affect people around you. In this sense, Taqwa implies awakening. Do you think; is Taqwa a part of your life or not? You can find out by taking a self-assessment.

  1. Are you a person who fasts? If yes, then do you find yourself thinking of Allah Almighty in everything you do during your fast, living for the peace that comes from being closer to Allah, talking to Him, trusting in Him more, and seeing Allah’s creative ability in everyone and everything you come across?
  2. Do you have patience in your every matter? Are you peaceful or at least comforted by thinking about trusting Allah’s plan and path for you when you’re going through a difficult time?
  3. Do you recall your Original Creator and remind yourself that the haram is haram only for your own protection and benefit? When you face anything haram and also appear easy and sounds thrilling for you seems to be beneficial or not? Do you remind yourself that the same Allah who created time, gravity, and everything else can also easily build a halal way for you to move?
  4. why you ask for Allah’s boundless forgiveness when you commit a sin or do anything haram? Do you see that act as an opportunity to get closer to Allah Almighty, to become a better person, to be more woke, and to have more Taqwa?
  5. Have you a strong desire to learn more about your Lord and His creation? Do you have a sense of curiosity and want to actively seek knowledge?
  6. How do you believe that the times of adversity in your life have brought you closer to Allah?

All in All:

A huge congrats if you responded yes to all or most of the queries! Taqwa is something that you’ve attended and it’s a wonderful gift! This life and achieving Taqwa is a journey, not a destination. So, continue to walk on the path of protection and strive to be delightfully awake.

Congratulations if you got an equal amount of yeses and noes. You’ve got your foot in the right door and are on the right way. You will never achieve perfection, but that is okay. It is because, no one is perfect in this world (with some exceptions, such as prophets). But, you don’t need to discourage by this. Just continue to do good deeds and strive to be closer to the “Lord of Everything”. The more you do, the simpler it will be to let go of the negative things in your life and protect yourself. If a little is excellent, more is better of course.

You are alive and reading this blog, which means you have the power, chance, and strength to make changes in your habits that will benefit you in ways you can’t imagine. Therefore, take a small initiative and build on your achievements. Don’t let any slip-ups or backsliding get you down. If you beg Allah for forgiveness, He will without any doubt forgive you. And His forgiveness capacity is far more than any sin you can think of.

Nobody can be higher than others in rank but only in terms of Taqwa. So, we should focus on doing pious deeds, doing good with others, having trust in Allah, staying away from committing sins, and more in order to get closer to Him. And by doing so, you will get more and more rewards from Allah Almighty. But, if you want to seek Allah’s forgiveness, then Umrah is another great option to achieve this. For this, Muslims Holy Travel provides a wide assortment of Hajj and Umrah services including 14 Nights Umrah Packages 2022 and many more ahead. So, if you are willing to perform Umrah. Then without wasting your time make preparations to go to Makkah and Madina. Because nothing else is more significant than performing Umrah to become closer to Allah Almighty.

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