Top Places to Visit in Mallorca

Top Places to Visit in Mallorca

Mallorca is a brilliant Mediterranean island with an exquisite climate, stunning scenes and tasty gastronomy. Mallorca, the greatest of the Balearic Islands, is essential for Spain yet has a more rough landscape and supernatural feel. Rough mountains and lavish forested slopes dive forcefully into the ocean.

Along the beautiful shore, steep precipices give stunning perspectives. And impeccable bays flicker with completely clear water. Sightseers are additionally attracted to memorable urban communities and beautiful towns. They are loaded up with vacation spots like:

  • Archaic houses of prayer; 
  • Verifiable palaces; 
  • Workmanship exhibition halls. 

Mallorca’s pleasure is its mix of culture and nature. Vacationers might see the capital city’s heavenly Gothic house of prayer. And afterward, loosen up on a ravishing oceanside around the same time. They might go for a walk through the walled middle-aged villa of Alcudia. Then be propelled by a fifteenth-century cloister. Or loosen up in the extravagant ocean-side hotel of Puerto Entrances.

Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca, frequently known as Palma, is the island’s capital and one of the most famous traveler locales in Mallorca. Since Majorca’s solitary air terminal is less than eight miles from town, this is generally the principal stop for most guests.

Palma is an occupied social, culinary, music, and drink objective, yet it likewise includes a palace, an ocean side, a congregation, and an exquisite old town. While you might wish to keep your ocean-side outings for different segments of the island, Palma’s ocean side is something like a mile long and effectively open from downtown. Look at the Palau de l’Almudaina as an option in contrast to sunbathing.

This huge structure is formally an illustrious home of the Spanish imperial family, yet when they are not around, it is available to general society. With a set of experiences that incorporates a period as an Islamic Post, this building is something beyond a beautiful face. This gigantic design is, in fact, an imperial home of the Spanish royal family, despite the fact that it is accessible to general society while they are not around. This structure is something beyond a stunning façade, with a set of experiences that incorporates a spell as an Islamic Stronghold. It is quite difficult to see everything without a vehicle. In case you need a rental car, click here to look through one of the biggest lists of options.


Sóller, the 10th most crowded city in Majorca, is found a couple of kilometers inland in the island’s northwestern corner. The city is situated in a valley encompassed by mountains. These mountains are great for journeying or walking, and courses can be found across the Tramuntana good countries. You might head out down to the ocean side from the city, or you can rent a car and go farther up into the mountains and visit the contiguous settlement of Fornalutx. To remain near the ocean, Cala Tuent is an extraordinary spot nearby. Port de Sóller, Sóller’s harbor, has a cosmopolitan energy to it, including sand sea shores, a shoreline promenade, and a lot of diners. There is a cable car that runs straightforwardly from Sóller to the port. 


The settlement of Alcudia, situated on its own minuscule promontory in the north of the island, has been occupied since the Bronze Age. While it is the wealthiest ever, the plot genuinely starts to unfurl in Roman times. Today, guests might visit the Museu Monogràfic de Pollentia, which houses archeological discoveries of Roman artifacts, or stroll around the city walls, which have remained since the sixteenth hundred years. There’s likewise the whole old town to investigate, as well as a fourteenth-century church.

Obviously, there comes a moment when all of history turns out to be a lot to handle, and now is the ideal time to rest. Sea shores have large amounts of Alcudia, which is strategically placed between two coasts.

Look at Playa de Alcudia in the event that you need something somewhat more dynamic. On the off chance that you like to unwind, Playa de S’illot, a little safeguarded inlet, is the spot to be.


Unspoiled, beautiful, grand, and curious… Valldemossa epitomizes each banality descriptor you can imagine depicting a local area concealed in Majorca’s rich mountains. You’re on an island, so the seashores are rarely far away, yet everybody might profit from an outing to the mountains occasionally. There is a Middle Easterner history here, trailed by a Franciscan religious history. Subsequently, there is a public cloister that is notable for its connections to Chopin. There is likewise a little memorable town and a few nurseries to see. Be that as it may, since you’re now this far up, it merits your chance to go traveling. Close by, pinnacles will offer fabulous all, encompassing perspectives on the Mediterranean and the remainder of the island.

Cap de Formentor

Assuming you’re looking for amazing magnificence, Cap de Formentor is the spot to go. This is Majorca’s northernmost promontory. Pick one of the cars for rent, as the road there is as breathtaking as the destination itself. On your course to the promontory’s tip, stop at Mirador del Mal Pas. There are parcels to see and shoot along the shore and in the mountains, and to loosen up and move away from everything, here is the spot to go. In any case, it might likewise be coordinated conveniently as a day trip from adjoining Alcudia.


Fornalutx is a 45-minute stroll from Sóller and is effectively open by foot along a very much stamped trail. The essential fascination around is the Plaça d’Espanya, which is protected from above by the congregation. Most of this unassuming community is made out of stone, and a significant number of the houses are unmistakably ornamented with red rooftops and green screens. It could be quite possibly the most gorgeous town in Majorca, and you’ll appreciate going through a day meandering through it.


Mallorca is an incredible objective for nearly everybody. Whether you’re searching for sun, ocean, food, or wine, you’ll track it down among the shocking mountains and ocean. Check our available cars for rent and make sure your trip will be unforgettable.