The best boot

The best boot

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What is the best boot?

A lot of guys would say Chelsea Boot or Jodhpur boot, which both looks great on paper but not on my feet. Since they don’t look good with jeans (both require formal wear), I was stuck with owning ugly boots. The problem is compounded by the fact that all the cool men’s fashion blog listed almost exactly same boot. Most guys suggest the same boots, but this is probably because we all want to look like Ryan Gosling. When looking for winter footwear, style matters. If you are like frequent online shopper like me, it gets hard to find stylish boots that can withstand cold weather (I am looking at you Sorel). I’ve wasted some money on buying bad fitting boots only to return them.

Which Chelsea boot?

If you need  for casual attire then try an oiled suede type such as Clarks Sahara or Loake Brothers original. They are very comfortable and go well with jeans of any shade. If you need a Chelsea boot for formal clothing, then go with black leather version of Clarks Desert Boot (the one that looks like Converse). The desert boot looks great with khakis and corduroy pants and its super versatile. Jodhpur boots are perfect for colder weather. They do not have laces so they are easy to put on when you are half asleep in the morning. The biggest problem with them is that when it gets colder, your feet will get really hot in them unless you wear thick socks. Also they are not made for casual attire. Clarks Jodhpur boots are excellent choice for Men’s winter fashion/style, especially if you can find a pair that looks distressed (like in the picture). Leather Jodhpurs goes well with Jeans and Cords but do not go cheap on this one. There are also some places who offer customization so you can have them lined with cashmere or sheepskin fur etc.

The Perfect Leather Fashion Boots for Your Style:

I would skipBlack Chelsea Boots Mens over Frye since they tend to look too similar to American Western boots which does not go well with jeans. Sorel snow boots are great winter boots for men too but they do not look very stylish when walking around during regular day time. They are great for snow but the traction might cause problems on icy ground. You can wear them in a casual setting if you pair them up with wool socks and jeans or cords, but that’s about it. So, my personal opinion is to go with Clarks Jodhpur boot for this season. It’s super comfortable and easy to put on while providing good ankle support once broken in properly. The problem is that prices vary wildly across different retailers, so be sure to shop around before jumping into buy one since there are many leather options available beyond the traditional suede type shown above.

Selling shoes?

You can sell your old worn out shoes here. We are looking for men’s boots in any condition, even if it has a hole in the sole or if you are not sure about its origins (no fakes though) just go ahead and list them since selling online requires no registration. It is free to list shoes for sale on this website.

How does this:

I like footwear that looks good with jeans and casual wear. Since I live in Northern hemisphere, winter boots are a must rather than a luxury. To save you the pain of trial and error (like me), here is my review on shoes and boots that will keep your feet warm this winter:  This boot by Ariat is one of the best looking men’s winter boots available. Rialto has an awesome design with two-toned upper which gives off rugged cowboy look that works well with denim or chinos. The leather used for outer layer is suede material while inside lining is smooth to touch. Please see the size char in the picture before buying this boot. Sizing is smaller than expected so you might want to go up at least half size bigger

Fashionable and Affordable Leather Boots:

Not available in wet weather conditions but I wear my pair every day with no problems. Also, using water proofer can help extend life span of these shoes for few more months the winter boots by Doc Marten are meant for cold weather. These boots don’t look special but it’s the tried and tested design that works. The leather used feels sturdy to touch so you won’t have to worry about scuffs, especially if you apply conditioner every few months. It also has good insulation against cold earth which makes these boots suitable for negative degree temperature. What’s best about this boot is that it comes in various colors. Yup, not only black but also oxblood, tan browns and blue! This means you can instead of one pair of men’s winter boots, get these cute color variations at great price without sacrificing comfort or durability. However, please note that stitching around sole area seems rough to some of the customers.

How to Style Leather Fashion Boots for fall:

These boots by Bogs are popular winter Chelsea Boot Men  for a reason. For those of you who live near frozen lake or goes hiking often. This boot might be a good investment to keep your feet dry and warm all day long. The traction soles ensure better grip when walking on icey surfaces although wearing protective crampons underneath can make it sturdier against slipping.


For those looking for casual looks, Chocorua boots by Timberland comes in nice matte dark brown. Which is suitable for wearing with chinos and jeans. While I really like winter leather boots that look good with denim. They don’t work during summer time or warm climate conditions. The boots are very comfortable and the thick rubber sole provides good cushioning.  It’s made in US where people still care about quality workmanship. However, there were also some complaints on the suede material although it seems like most of them got replacement from Ariat without hassle.