A Day Of Adventure Visit Abu Dhabi Desert Safari 2021

A Day Of Adventure Visit Abu Dhabi Desert Safari 2021

Abu Dhabi Desert Safari 2021

Always you want to go to any place where you find new activities, one of the best places in desert safari Abu Dhabi. But due to the covid-19 pandemic, all routines are dismissed. After that when the situation is handled the tourism opens the tour booking for you. Abu Dhabi is the modern culture city of UAE and many people come here every day. The home of government is also called Abu Dhabi. 

Dubai is a city of glamour and everyone wants to enjoy the visit. Also, you can enjoy a Dubai city tour with the best deals, the driver picks you from the residence hotel, the Marina mall is the best place for visiting and shopping, Sheikh Zahid mosque also provides the Islamic view.

How wonderful-A Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

Book a desert adventure tour with a lot of entertainment and fun. Mostly evening safari is most recommended due to the camel riding, dune bashing, BBQ dinner, a lot of entertainment held in the evening, overnight safari, and much more. Desert safari from Abu Dhabi is not on the too much distance, enjoy 20-30 minute dune bashing with 4×4 vehicle, camel riding, sandboarding with a bit guidelines, also for dune driving choose Land cruiser and the Lassan petrol luxury vehicle.

No difficulty for visiting desert safari and enjoy the sports activities if you have passion for the adventure and thrilling activities. ATV quad biking is available with 2 or 3 wheels you can choose from it and enjoy it. Fix your feet on the board before moving on the sand with sandboarding. It’s a more energetic sports activity after that you can enjoy the BBQ dinner in the evening camp. 

Are you know important safety precautions for visiting 

With the Dubai city tour from Abu Dhabi, your tour is wonderful because you get a chance to stay in Abu Dhabi and enjoy also Dubai city tour. Some of the safety precautions are available. Need to follow them for a memorable tour.

  • To avoid the covid-19 pandemic you need to wear a face mask and sanitize your hands regularly 
  • To capture the beautiful moments of the desert, keep your camera on and capture the beautiful moments
  • Don’t take a lot of cash and precious things like gold jewelry with you
  • Need some money to buy something from desert camp shops
  • To protect your skin and eyes, need sunscreen and sunblock
  • For dessert tour, need casual dresses, stall for the morning or evening cold
  • Walking on sand need open shoes

Some of the desert safari activities are

Dune bashing with 4×4 vehicle

A lot of thrilling activities are available for you, while booking your trip choose combo deals to enjoy more. Tourists around the world come and enjoy dune bashing on the red sand. Instead of camel riding, dune bashing is the fast riding on the sand with Lassan petrol and the Land cruiser you can enjoy. With a guideline of experts, your tour is memorable. 

Enjoy Sunset evening photography

In the evening, the sunset attracts everyone. I remembered my tour’s best moments are the sunset photography with Arabian costumes. Take photography behind the dune bashing and the sunset looking like a red ball in the desert. Capture the beautiful sunset moments and enjoy. 

Wearing the Arabian costumes you feel like an Arab prince and princess. For the whole life, it’s a pleasant memory. 

A thrilling experience of quad biking 

For those who want to enjoy an adventure tour, don’t forget to enjoy the ATV quad biking in the desert. With proper guidelines, you can enjoy quad biking. If you are a thrill-seeker also enjoy sandboarding. Quad biking is not for small kids but the youngster and adults. 

Enjoy Hubbly Bubbly Shisha pipe 

A wonderful experience at the desert with the Arabian Sheesha pipe called Hubbly Bubbly Sheesha, smoke Sheesha pipe in evening camp with beautiful belly dance show folded the night with amazing moments. Different flavors and the taste, the Sheesha pipe are available for you. 

An amazing safari activity, “camel riding”

Camel riding is one of the most favorite safari activities in the desert. The camel is decor traditionally, kids and the old most like camel safari due to slow riding. Book ABU DHABI Desert Safari 2021 and enjoy the adventure activities. It’s looking like an ancient style riding on sand, you know a camel is a sandy animal. Without camel safari your tour is incomplete. So always choose the deal that includes camel riding. Camel riding is included in morning or evening trips.

Henna painting

Henna painting is the most favorite thing for young girls and small girls. My wife and mother want to henna design on hands and feet in the desert, looking beautiful. The expert you g girls put a henna design on hands and feet looking awesome. 

BBQ delicious dinner at the desert camp

Most of the energy waste to enjoy sports activities in the desert, after that you need some energy, so there is no such best option as BBQ dinner at the desert camp. With Arabian crafts, BBQ dinner in the evening camp with Belly dance show, tea, coffee, and dates is amazing.