Why Having an Outro Video Necessary for Every Business?

Why Having an Outro Video Necessary for Every Business?

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With videos ruling the internet and all big and small businesses sorting to it for benefits and results, Youtube videos have emerged as one of the most popular marketing mediums. With everyone creating their Youtube videos and promoting their brands, it is important to make a long-lasting impression on the mind of the viewers. This is where the role of an outro is extremely important.

Why is Outro Important?

The outro is an important part of your Youtube videos or marketing videos to spread awareness and engage more customers. The simple reason is that a video properly starts with an intro. Similarly, it should have ended with a proper outro. An abrupt end to a promotional video will fail to create the needed impact on the viewers, and the video will lose its purpose as a whole.

A video with a clear outro will last long in the audience’s minds and will have a lasting impact. This is the reason why outro should never be ignored or bypassed when you are preparing your promotional videos. Video outro is also known as ‘end slate” and helps build a strong brand statement and connects better with audiences.

The Various Reason To Have A Good Outro

  • An outro video is necessary for your business in that it adds to the total watch time and is also found to be instrumental in adding to the list of subscribers. This indirectly leads to extended reach and increased traffic for your website. With the number of marketing and promotional videos streaming online on the different platforms always high, the watch time of the video matters. Online viewers are generally characterized by a shorter attention span and tend to shuffle between videos quickly without watching them till the end. This is the reason that it has been seen that videos with proper outro can keep audiences hooked till the end. Also, Outros are a great way of leading the audiences to another video of yours by including their links in it. Video sharing thrives on increased views, and directly in them greatly helps in this regard.


  • Outros are a great way to interact with the audiences and engage them. An outro with a CTA, call to action, can persuade viewers to do a certain activity that will prove to be beneficial for your business. A CTA can make the viewers visit your website, subscribe to your channel, or indulge in buying. In short, adding a CTA in the outro of a video helps to keep the essence alive and makes a lasting impression that makes the viewers willingly do the suggested activity.


  • Placing your social media information in the outro is another reason for having an outro for your video. With the ever-increasing digital market-facing number of online sellers, you need to impact staying afloat. And there is no doubt that utilizing social media platforms for this purpose is the best and most authentic way. Social media is characterized by endless reach and an ever-evolving phenomenon. So, adding your social media links in the outro will help attach higher traffic and enhance your reach. Also, it is a great way of directing and increasing the number of your social media followers that are independent of the video channels. To make the outro interesting and effective, you need not spend a fortune hiring professionals to do the job for you. Create your outro with the help of any free outro maker that gives you access to customizable templates and is extremely easy to use.


  • Another reason to include a well-designed and thoughtful outro in your video is to help viewers establish a sense of connection with the brand and logo that you are promoting. This you can do by syncing the design elements of the logo or brand in the outro. This will act as a valuable step of recall and reciprocation for the viewers, thereby creating a long-lasting impact.


  • A well-created outro gives the viewers an excellent chance, to sum up, everything they have been watching till then. It helps to set the right impression on the viewers, who also appreciate the extra effort on your part to make them entertained and informed. An outro to your video maintains the flow of events and does not let it fall apart. A good story without a proper ending is incomplete. Similarly, a great video without an outro is also incomplete.

Sometimes, when you have a long video with many phases, there is no better way to end it with an outro. It gives the viewers a quick way to recap the important points that matter to them.

The purpose of having an outro for your video is to increase engagement with your target audience. But, some mistakes can backfire. Some serious mistakes that you should avoid while creating the outro are:-

  • Don’t make it too cluttered and long. The point is to create the right impact with a simple, sleek, and to-the-point outro.
  • Keeping the length short is another requirement to make the right impression. Avoid making too long an outro because it will deviate from the real purpose.
  • Do not overemphasize the visual part. If an outro has too much in it, viewers will prefer to skip it and move on.
  • Don’t break the consistency of the video. This will lead to breaking in concentration. Use the most suitable color palette to design your outro that does justice to the entire video and does not seem disconnected. You can always use a reliable free outro maker to create one according to your taste and need. The outro maker has professionally designed templates and impressive stock of images and graphics to add that special touch to your outro.
  • Don’t be confused. Seeing some videos with outro will help you understand how to design one for your Youtube video. But don’t get carried away. Do what is best for your video, and don’t just try to follow others. Understand which CTA will give you the best result and include the same in your outro.

Creating a well-designed Youtube video may appear to be a complex task. But, little knowledge about how to place the different elements and present them chronologically will guide you to make the best and most impressive Youtube videos. A good video should be well-structured, and an outro is a very important part of it. Treat the outro with utmost care as it will help set the right impression among the audiences and get noticed in the already overcrowded digital world.