How One Should Prepare for their English Exam

How One Should Prepare for their English Exam


In the current scenario, we can’t deny that English is one of the essential subjects for students. So, students should take the subject of English seriously under any circumstances. If you want to make yourself stand out from the crowd, you must have an excellent command of English. Compared to all other significant subjects like Maths, Science, Social Science, etc. 

English is considered the highest scoring subject. While preparing for your English exam, one should be thorough with the grammar section, which includes Parts of Speech, etc. If you write the grammar section without any mistakes, you can score full marks in the examination.

For some students, English seems to be a challenging subject. To improve your English score, one should work on their grammatical and comprehension skills. The grammar part teaches nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, etc., the literature part teaches stories, novels, etc. Students also need to learn how to write speeches, articles, essays, and story writing.

Students should prepare for their English exam effectively like any other primary subject. The marks score in English impacts your overall percentage scored. So, one should prepare for their English exam with complete dedication and hard work. Firstly, start with the literature section and then work on grammar. It is necessary to read and write English because it will help you communicate better with others when you step into the world. One should also improve their vocabulary and grammatical knowledge because it will help you write articles, speeches, etc. 

Here, we have provided some strategies to prepare for the English exam. 

  1. Follow the prescribed syllabus.

Students are advised to study only those topics mentioned in the syllabus. In this way, they will study in the right direction and not divert from the topic. By knowing the English syllabus, students can plan their strategy and create a study schedule for themselves. It will help them keep track of topics they have studied and need to be covered. 

  1. Create Notes 

It is better to study from self-created notes. It also reduces your engagement time. So, students must build a habit of creating their notes. These notes will be more helpful during the revision time. For example, if you make a note of a particular chapter, you can quickly get to know the summary of the chapter. Thus, they can prepare for the exam in a better way.

  1. Proper Time Management

Time management is very crucial in the exam. If students know the answers to all the questions but cannot attempt the entire paper, they will score low marks. So, it’s essential to have time management skills. Depending on its marks allocation, students must know how much to write for a particular question. They can improve their time management skills by solving the sample papers or model papers before the exam. While solving the sample papers, students must stick to the timing mentioned in the paper. They should attempt it seriously by considering it as the actual question paper.

  1. Follow the prescribed textbook.

While preparing for the English exam, refer to the prescribed textbook of English. It will help you clear your doubts and practise the exercise questions provided at the end of each chapter. It is necessary to be thorough with the textbook because you can expect textbook questions in your final exam.  

  1. Revise Before the Exam

When students have completed the entire textbook and covered the syllabus, they should revise. It would be better to give at least one month for the revision. At this time, they should go through all the chapter summaries and important notes. Also, they should revise the exercise questions and authors’ names. To understand the difficulty level of the exam and the types of questions asked in the English paper, students must solve the past year’s papers.