Things to Know About Microsoft Dynamics AX Upgrade

Things to Know About Microsoft Dynamics AX Upgrade

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You could be debating whether or not the business needs a Microsoft Dynamics AX update. So what are the key considerations you would make?

This is a typical yet complicated scenario: you’ve been using AX for years, you’re comfortable with the app, and it works for your business. However, you may be encountering new difficulties: Microsoft help queries are being rejected, hotfixes for your device version are no longer available, and your partner is approaching you about the need to upgrade to Dynamics 365 for Financing & Processes.

It’s necessary to confront the facts: your framework update is no longer supported by Microsoft or is rapidly approaching the point that it would be.

As a result, you must now decide whether or not to update. But where do you even begin? What information do you require? What is the safest course of action? How can you figure out how much work is involved? How do you want to pay for it? How should you make a schedule? And how to choose the best Microsoft product reseller in UAE?

Until you agree to an updated initiative, you can gather as much pertinent data as possible to assist you in making your decision. When testing your preparation for Microsoft Dynamics AX Upgrade, here are the most critical things to consider.

Stop The Ticking Of Time Bomb ­– Old Infrastructure.

The need to update your ERP may be influenced by the need to update your technology. With Dynamics AX 2009 or 2012, you can normally only update the SQL and Windows Servers up to a certain extent. The old SQL and Microsoft Windows are “time bombs” which will trigger your results to grind to a halt or decline without such upgrades. The SQL and Microsoft Windows are susceptible to malware and other cyber warfare if you don’t apply these patches. However, migrating the current Dynamics AX environment to the cloud will help you protect it easily before you update it.  

How Good Is Your Current Dynamics AX System?

When you don’t have Microsoft Mainstream Support, your partner will have to do custom development work to address any bugs, performance issues, breakages, or other issues with the core product. A strong partner will keep your ERP going in this manner, but the costs can mount over time. So, in this scenario, you can consider the Microsoft Dynamics AX update.

What Changes Do You Wish?

Since you first introduced AX, you and your organization have learned a great deal. If there are some aspects of your system that you wish you had set up better, now is the time to do so. Besides that, the corporate procedures may well have undergone significant changes. Changes to that of your current AX setting can be tough, but your companion, i.e., Microsoft product reseller in UAE, can set them up.

The Number of Customizations

If you have a small number of modifications that aren’t too difficult, upgrading this code should be relatively straightforward. If you have many added features or are complicated, it’s an indication that a partner will have to spend a lot of time with them during an update.

The Role of a Microsoft Product Reseller

To handle Enterprise Agreement accounts, Microsoft provides ESA fees to the reseller network. They are in charge of drafting uniform contracts, supplying the customer with the registration card, and ensuring prompt submission of true-up documents. Besides, the Software Advisor is educated on Microsoft’s Software Assurance (SA) advantages and is rewarded for ensuring that consumers take advantage of them. While the amount charged to resellers for these facilities has increased with time, large fees are also provided to resellers depending on the size of the contract and whether they are enabling and using SA benefits. You should agree on the quality of service consistent with your needs, knowing that the reseller, for example, Microsoft product reseller in UAE, is compensated by Microsoft to handle the deal.

Check These Things To Get the Best Reseller Service

Will they assign you a personal account manager? Is there a support group working for you? Is it possible for the reseller to generate reports that detail the transactions you’ve made through several agreements? Is there assistance from the reseller in all of the countries where you do business? Will the reseller bill you in local currencies in an indirect contract? Asking these questions to you will lead to a better choice for selecting the best Microsoft product reseller in UAE.

Bottom Lines

The answers to these questions will help you figure out where to begin. Even so, your responses may need to be evaluated by a professional who knows just what your responses mean in the context of a future update.