Realme 8: New Design, Familiar Experience

Realme 8: New Design, Familiar Experience

Realme 8: New Design, Familiar Experience

Realme 8: New Design, Familiar Experience, is not a significant upgrade to the Realme 7, it does offer a bright AMOLED panel, good performance, and an affordable price.

in the first three months of 2021. Realme is updating smartphones quickly to provide users with the latest features and at different price points. 

The Realme 8’s specifications are identical to the Realme 7. The new phone’s price is a bit higher. Is the new Realme smartphone worth considering for under Rs 15,000? Here’s our review of the

What’s good and what’s not?best-real-me-phones

The Realme 8 latest smartphone is beautiful and well-made. The bold “Dare to Leap” tagline that Realme 8 has slapped on its phones’ backs is not for everyone. The tagline glows in many colors when the light hits its rear panel. 

The good news about the Realme 8 black version is that it doesn’t emphasize the tagline too much. We were able to review the black model. It is elegant and subtle. Realme 8: New Design, Familiar Experience

You might initially think the device has a glass back panel. The back panel is made of polycarbonate with a glossy finish that attracts fingerprints. Realme 8’s build quality is exceptional for its price. Check out realme narzo 30 pro touch screen price online in India.

Although the camera setup is a little too far from the back, it would be smart to use the included case to protect both the back and the sensors. You should protect the device from slippage by using a case.

Although an in-display fingerprint scanner is great, I prefer to use side-mounted fingerprint scanners. This is easier to unlock my phone. When it came time to unlock the smartphone, the in-display scanner worked quickly.

The display is one of the highlights of the Realme 8. AMOLED panels are now available in the price range of Rs 15,000 and above, which is a great move by the company. This handset is great for binge-watching and has a high display quality. 

The colors pop. 

The display is 6.4 inches FHD+ and has a 60Hz refresh rate. It would have been nice to have a panel with a higher refresh rate, but it isn’t essential. Unfortunately, sunlight visibility is poor. In harsh sunlight, it can be difficult to view or even take photos. Realme 8: New Design, Familiar Experience

The Realme 8 performed well for me. The 8GB RAM model was perfect for me. I had no problems multitasking. It was quick to load apps and worked fine even with 17 other apps running in the background. It was able to handle all my daily functions, including browsing and social networking, without any lag.

When I played resource-heavy, low-setting games, the gaming experience on this device was great. Genshin Impact’s default setting was Medium. I had to change to low settings in order to have a smooth and playable experience. After 30 minutes of gameplay, I noticed that the back panel on my device started to get warm. 

The “Game Assistant”

 was the only thing that made this segment frustrating. Every time you open a game app on your smartphone, it forces you to check out the Game Assistant’s capabilities. This should only occur if you are new to the device.

Realme’s base model is 128GB. 64GB fills up quickly and the system and apps use around 20GB. This is great news for those who prioritize storage.

Realme finally shipped the new Android OS-powered device, which is great news. The same set of apps is included with all Realme phones. Realme 8 also comes with some bloatware, but you can remove most of the preinstalled applications. 

However, the Videos app, Browser and Theme Store cannot be removed. You can’t remove the HeyTap Cloud app from your phone, which is a Chinese cloud storage provider.

The device’s 5,000mAh battery lasts for one day, even after playing for about an hour, taking a few photos, and watching some videos online. Realme includes a fast charger of 30W in their box. This charged the phone in just 55 minutes.

Realme 8 offers a quad-camera

setup that is very similar to its predecessor. A 64MP primary camera, a wide-angle sensor of 8MP, and a macro sensor of 2MP are all included. There is also a mono camera with a 2MP resolution. The front features a 16MP selfie camera that is similar to the Realme 8 Pro.

Although the device is capable of taking decent shots in daylight, consistency can be a problem. Realme 8 took some shots that were slightly overexposed and some were a little too saturated.

Although I got a few great shots, you won’t get the same results if you try to capture the same scene twice. HDR mode increased the colors of the sky, and trees. The shot looked great with bright colors but the photo looked a little artificial.

Although the wide-angle camera was not very effective, it was still usable. You can get a wide-angle camera if you require a larger field of view. However, don’t expect to see a detailed shot. Check out Samsung m12 touch screen price online.

Portrait shots had a poor background blur, but edge detection was fine. With the primary camera, I was able to get close-up photos with sufficient detail and color accuracy.

Night photos and low light photos are not as good as they could be. While the night mode does provide some detail, it is not able to reproduce colors well and can still produce noise. The night mode on the Realme 8 Pro smartphone worked very well and was quite impressive.

Don’t expect to get great pictures with flash. Some photos can be too dark and overexposed, and details may also become lost.

Realme 8 review: Verdict

Realme 8 doesn’t offer a significant upgrade to the Realme 7. However, you get a bright AMOLED panel and excellent performance for an affordable price. This device is great for those who need a long battery life. 

The base storage option comes with 128GB. Realme 8 cameras will take great shots in daylight. It costs Rs 14,999.

Realme 8 is a great smartphone because it offers most of the features that users might need in the Rs 15,000 range. If you are looking for stereo speakers, high-refresh rates and a great camera setup, you’ll need to look elsewhere. You can either choose the Redmi Note 10 Pro smartphone with a superior camera or the Realme 8 Pro which has a better one.