Important Facts To Note While Visiting Saudi Arabia For A Safe & Sound Journey

Important Facts To Note While Visiting Saudi Arabia For A Safe & Sound Journey

Saudi Arabia
Marjan Island in Ras al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates boardwalk along the Arabian Gulf (Persian Gulf) on a blue sky day with green palm trees and plants.

If you are considering a trip to Saudi Arabia for Cheap Hajj , Umrah, a professional visit, or any other fun touristic reason, there are a few unavoidable truths about this Islamic nation that you should be aware of even before you begin setting up your trip. Therefore, we want to convey some important issues that you must abide by in this Kingdom. Because any sort of negligence or violation of these Saudi regulations will be a big hassle for you. Overall, it is a positive place that is also accessible to foreign visitors.

It is a fantastic place with a diverse culture, ethnicities, histories, adventures, and distant mountain ranges. Excluding the Muslim holy sites, you may go wherever you wish in Arabia. As the Muslim pilgrimage sites of Makkah and Madinah are off-limits to non-Muslims. Although there are several factors you must acknowledge in order to travel in Arabia safely and securely. Take a note of the below crucial Saudi aspects that you should not overlook as you prepare to visit this kingdom:

Being Affectionate Publicly

Saudi Arabia breaches Islam’s principles and restrictions. As a result, they consider it extremely unlawful to speak and link arms with someone of the opposing gender without marrying them. even if you are a married person still it is necessary to avoid being affectionate with your spouse. try not to hold each other’s hand publicly. This way you will receive a high penalty. Saudis feel that this type of public display of affection is inadequate or haram. Therefore, keep your feelings to yourself.

Improper Dressing

Islam always encourages suitable clothing norms for all genders, and Saudi Arabia takes this practice strictly. Most of the Saudi ladies wear black clothes with correct hair covering and facial covers. The dress code for foreigners is not extremely strict but it is better to dress correctly in order to prevent any discomfort. Cheap Hajj 2022

No Consumption of Pork

It is Haram to eat in Islam. As a result, Saudis adhere to this eating regulation with zeal. Pork consumption is strongly prohibited and looked upon in this Muslim country. Thus, you should substitute your pork consumption with Saudi Arabia’s nutritious halal meals. And even you should also refrain from taking pork-flavored appetizers and munchies with you. It’s also worth noting that frog foodstuffs are illegal in the region.

Do Not Cat Call Women

Don’t ever, disrupt the Saudi Hijabi lady since it is a terrible violation. Teasing, humiliating, or doing something that places them at risk is a severely punished offense in Saudi Arabia. Saudis are far more traditional and cautious of their ladies. Therefore, if you are a male Saudi tourist, you should prevent even speaking to them.

Alcohol Consumption

Keep your bottles of wine at home if you’re going to Saudi Arabia. Don’t ever try and hide any drugs in your suitcase. However, you might end up in big problems at Saudi Airport. Since alcohol and other drugs are haram (forbidden) in Islam. You can drink in your bedroom if you are a chronic alcoholic. However, it is highly advised to never take that chance.

No Music in Public

You may enjoy your favorite tunes in your luxury accommodation if you are visiting Saudi Arabia. If you really want to enjoy music you can use headsets. It is an extremely obscene and punishable behavior if you play loud music in public places. According to Public Decency Laws of 2019, individuals who publicly plays music will receive a penalty of 500 riyals. And people who listens to music casually during prayer hours will face a severe penalty of 1000 riyals.

Do Not Spit in Public

Remember not to puke in public areas when you’re in Saudi Arabia or just about any nation, even your own. It is heinous and unethical conduct. Spewing in public is a serious offense in Saudi Arabia, subject to a penalty of 500 Saudi riyals.

Do Not Take Photos of Locals

Taking photos of Saudis without their permission is very unethical or even irritating behavior. Therefore, if you happen to be in Saudi Arabia, we greatly encourage you never to do this kind of despicable joke or conduct with the Saudis.

Do Not Dance Publicly

Let us inform you that a Saudi lady was punished in October 2019 for breaking public morals following a viral clip in which she has been seen dancing in her Abaya or Niqab at a Riyadh event. As a result, the Saudis regard public dancing as very sinful and disgusting behavior. Thus, never attempt this type of substantial fun experience.

To summarize this perspective, we would suggest that breaking any of the above-mentioned rigorous Saudi regulations might lead to imprisonment, expulsion, or even flogging. Hence, constantly comply and appreciate the society that you are visiting.

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