How Woollen Socks plays an Important role in Men’s life?

How Woollen Socks plays an Important role in Men’s life?

About men’s socks, you can write whole novels… There are so many models, in so many colors, not for nothing are they considered an accessory as important as ties, watches or buttons on the shirt. But we better get to work to simplify things a bit.

How do we fit socks?

The rule says that the color of the men’s woollen socks must match or be close to that of the pants. If you choose to respect this, you will certainly be dressed correctly, but you risk losing the funny part of the outfit. Our suggestion is to relate to your own environment / life and to let good taste prevail in any other situation, but especially common sense.

Suit socks

In this case, it all depends on the occasion… If you are in a sober situation or business meeting, always match the color of the socks with that of the pants. But, if you are on a romantic date or going out with friends, you can match the socks with other components of the outfit, for example the shirt or tie.

It is also very important that when you choose to wear a suit, the socks are not short, thus leaving the foot visible. I know, there is a fashion that has been circulating for some time, the one with short socks to suit, but it is not a correct choice and visually it can bother quite a lot.

Socks and jeans

Eh, here we have a choice and to suit our heart’s desire. Yes, we can always opt for a color very close to denim, but most of the time we can opt for absolutely anything that seems appropriate and that represents us. However, it would be good to take into account the color of the shirt, sweater or jacket.

Men’s woollen socks play an important role in every man’s life and say a lot about him. Rational and pragmatic men often choose the color black when it comes to socks because it suits most outfits. Gray or brown are the colors most often chosen by traditional men, conservative and green by those who work in the military. It is said that those who choose blue are a romantic and white is chosen by those who like sports.

Some manufacturers do not recommend machine washing, not even in the wool program, but manual washing and horizontal drying. At first glance it may seem like an extra effort, but given that they do not need to be washed after each wear, the time required to care for them is comparable to that dedicated to cotton socks.

It is also not recommended to wear them intensively on carpeted surfaces because the friction between the fibers can affect the longevity of the wool. If you want to wear them at home, use slippers.

Low quality wool can cause itching when worn. Merino woollen socks online has no such effects, so it is advisable to choose a quality product.

Although you might think that wool socks are only suitable for the cold, there are variants made of fine yarn, perfect for milder temperatures. Basically, regardless of the season, you and the little ones can enjoy socks that keep the foot dry, warm and away from unpleasant odors. And you will wash much less often!