Digital Signage in Gyms and Fitness Centers

Digital Signage in Gyms and Fitness Centers

Digital Signage in Gyms and Fitness Centers
Digital Signage in Gyms and Fitness Centers

There are many things Digital signage can do to modernize the experience of gym-goers, especially digital labels like SOLUM’s Newton labels.

Digital signage in gyms and other fitness facilities play a huge role in entertaining and communicating with patrons. Read to learn more.

Digital signage in gyms plays an increasingly important role in entertainment and communication with customers. Taking into account that nowadays gyms are a constant in people’s lives, the owners of these establishments must invest in modernity, so, among other advantages, they can have a competitive advantage over the competition.

Gyms and Fitness Centers to do

Smart Gym Equipment

One of the main reasons people go to the gym is their need to access fitness equipment not available in their own homes. So why not provide them with cutting-edge equipment and not just meet their needs but go beyond their needs?

Safety Awareness through Digital Signage

Safety is an important aspect in a fitness center. A digital display provides a perfect way to show exactly how to use a certain machine or to give tips on how to avoid injuries, such as a twisted ankle or broken toe that can come from doing an exercise incorrectly.

Games and competitions

Digital displays offer you the opportunity to gamify workouts. Give clients competitions and games where they can compete and win. These can come in the form of logging calories burned or progress made. When clients compete, they become more engaged and more loyal to your facility. They will be excited about attending the gym to attend more classes or increase their reps.


Perhaps you could give out special T-shirts for clients who have attended over 100 classes, and they can easily keep track of how many they have attended already on a leaderboard.

Promoting your upcoming events and special deals

You can customize your messaging and keep your clients informed about upcoming events. For example, you’re holding a 20km run for charity – promote it on the screens facing the treadmills and most gym-goers will see the information.

Getting social with digital signage in gyms

Modern gym-goers use social media platforms, like Snapchat and Facebook, on their way to their workout. Some even use Instagram while at the gym to show off their gains. They are already so tuned in to choosing social media that you need to tap into this if you want to create a sense of community. By using digital displays, you can showcase your fitness center’s social media feeds. A live Twitter feed enables clients to see recent posts. Clients love sharing info about specialty classes they just attended, such as Pilates or kickboxing. And they are giving you free advertising in the process.

Virtual Reality

Another way for gym owners to level up the game is by taking online classes up a notch and offering Virtual Reality (VR) coaching. Just like online classes, VR coaching allows gym instructors and members to interact without being physically together.


Motivation is an extremely effective way to drive athletes to achieve success. Thus, educational material is not just another way for people to learn. The educational material, with images, videos and inspiring quotes, can make training time more effective and satisfying.


Instead of being a teacher verbally stating the importance of health and physical exercise, attractive videos about the importance of training and the results achieved help athletes not to give up.


The best way to create and, consequently, maintain a positive relationship with athletes is through communication. With PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS digital signage solutions, you can personalize and improve the customer experience in the gym. It is possible to transmit personalized messages such as birthday events or some success stories that involve physical exercise and that make the athlete feel involved.

Generation of revenue

Digital signage in gyms turns out to be an opportunity to generate additional revenue through advertising and sponsorships. The sports and nutrition industry is very comprehensive, so there is a lot of competition – hence the need to invest in advertising, particularly in gyms.


Physical exercise is fundamental for health. As such, the exhibition of videos and nutritional suggestions for athletes can even encourage customers. By educating athletes in this sense, the gym is showing that it cares about their health and well-being, which encourages them to continue exercising.

Teach Proper Technique with Informative Content

Many gyms and fitness studios use digital signage to show images and videos of using proper form while exercising. Feature a “workout of the day” (WOD), easily scheduling them and updating them as needed using the Raydiant interface. Use our Videos app to upload a video of an instructor or trainer showing how to properly perform the exercise. If you don’t want to create your own videos, use Raydiant’s YouTube app to play YouTube videos for these training purposes.

Share important notices right away

Because digital signage can be easily updated on a large scale, it allows you to keep customers up to date. This could be your opening times over the holidays, or even weather warnings for their drive home.

Entertain your gym members with engaging video content

Sometimes those last ten minutes on the treadmill can be a grind. Digital signage can help with that by displaying entertaining content on your screens. Create playlists with clips from E! News, the latest movie trailers, FOX sports, local news, the weather forecast, and more to make those last minutes fly by. You never know, with something entertaining on, they might manage 10 minutes more.

Newton as a Digital Signage

Did you know that electronic shelf labels can also be leveraged as digital signages?

With the wide range of features that ESLs offer, their displaying capabilities are what convenience stores must not ignore.

SOLUM offers a new breed of digital label performance level that acts as better digital signage than any other electronic shelf label.

If you want to know more about Newton’s digital signage benefits, you may read the article here.

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