DesignEvo: A Powerful Logo Maker to Do Your Project

DesignEvo: A Powerful Logo Maker to Do Your Project

DesignEvo usage

DesignEvo is a web-based logo design website with more than 10,000 high-quality logo templates to choose from.

The logo designed on the DesignEvo is very suitable for individuals, brands to find logo solutions. It can be satisfied through DesignEvo.

Why should you use DesignEvo to make a logo?

DesignEvo is a user-friendly tool for non-designer to make logos. It offers more than 10,000 various logo design templates to choose from. Among so many styles of images, you will find a variety of styles you like.

DesignEvo also provides several styles I like. I want to choose one. It’s tough to choose to cause of the numerous beautiful logo templates.

And of course, without much budget in the early stage, the price of hiring a designer was surprisingly high. Therefore, we finally decided to use DesignEvo as the brand logo.

Advantages of DesignEvo

A multi-topic classification logo can be selected.

On DesignEvo, you can use the categories method to select the type of logo you need. Besides, you can directly enter your keywords such as mobile, technology, panda, etc. It will help you quickly match the most suitable template among 10,000+ templates.

These template classifications are all there is; there is almost no problem finding your niches. Besides, you can click the “similar” button again for each logo template. After that, the screen will be magical at this time. Popping up out other styles similar to this logo imaged, you can see which logos you like at a glance to have more choices.

Customize fonts and icons at will.

When you select any logo template, the image itself will have ready fonts and elements. If you don’t like fonts on the selected template, you can freely choose other fonts or artistic texts.

And if you have your own ideas for the template, you can also reset the color, position, and size. All in all, you can customize your logo at your will.

High-quality vector graphics

There is a fundamental concept when making logo files: images must be made with vector files. What does it mean?

Generally speaking, a vector image file is a way to make your logo file arbitrarily enlarged or narrowed without distortion. In some cases, your logo will need to be used in a large place, such as a billboard. If the logo is not vector, it will be blurred when it is enlarged. So, the high-resolution vector file function (PDF, SVG file) provided by DesignEvo is vital.

Fully customize your logo.

Besides, you can choose more than 10,000 well-organized logo templates on the DesignEvo website, and you can also start to create a new blank canvas and design your own from scratch.

In the process of designing the Logo, DesignEvo will provide you with some ideas for your reference, such as what are the options for the current most search volume keywords, and then pick up your favorite fonts, icons, shapes, background color, and etc., step by step to complete it slowly. This design will be a unique and exclusive logo.

Cloud storage logo access anytime, anywhere

When you complete the design of the logo files, you can save the files on the website’s cloud storage. You only need to access the DesignEvo website and click “My Design” for quick access whenever you need to use these logo files.

There is no need to worry about forgetting to save the download, let alone suddenly disappear one day because the logo will always be saved on your DesignEvo account.


In this era of online business, not only the company needs a highly recognizable logo, but if you want to run your own personal brand, it is also indispensable to make an exclusive brand logo.

In addition to being able to see the brand image at a glance, it is more important to leave a memory of the brand in the minds of customers. For example, if you see a tick, you know it is NIKE.

Humans are animals that are accustomed to thinking with images. When they see an image, they will recall all the memories related to the image in the brain and then take the next step.

So if you want to deepen the customer’s impression of your product or brand, please design your own exclusive logo with DesignEvo and start to put the image you want to create deeper into their minds.