How to play clash of clans for pc without bluestack

How to play clash of clans for pc without bluestack

clash of clans for pc without bluestack

Introductions to clash of clans

All of you looking to know how to run  before that, let’s discuss the origin of the clash of clans below: In 2012, supercell developed and launched the gaming application called, “Clash of clans” for a wide range of gamers. This ultimate game introduced an innovative strategy to beat its competitor’s gaming applications in the same year. Building a base and collecting elixir as the source from other bases is the concept behind this game. For this, supercell included many animated characters or troops like Barbarian king, Queen, Grand warden, Pekka, dragon, yeti, wizard, goblin, healer, archer, and others. By using these troops every player of this game will go to attack and collect the enemy sources. As a player of this game, you should have basic attacking skills to win the game. To protect your base from enemies, you should have strong base-forming skills.

Types of bases in Clash of clans

There are two bases in this game, one is village base and another builder base. Village-based introduced from the day game launched. If you check builder base details online, its launch date will be 2017. You can see, both bases have different troops and buildings by nature. A number of 5 builders will build your village base when they are free from other building works. If you take a builder base, you can see only one builder construct one building at once. When it comes to cost comparison, village base consumes more cost than builder base. Here, the cost is nothing but, in the form of elixirs and gems. Both builders remain calm until you give some work to them. clash of clans for pc without bluestack.

Troops in Clash of clans

Well, let’s list out the major troops of the clash of clans to understand this game.

Barbarian King:

Barbarian king is the strongest among other troops and he is known for immense strength and durability. He is also called a superhero, and he consumes food as a dark elixir to regain his power and ability at any time. Based on his level of strength, he can maintain his energy to win any attack.

Archer queen:

If you see this, archer queen, her outlook may look simple, but her archery skills may kill any troops in her attack. With the help of the eagle eye, she can attack her enemy at safe distance. If you lose her in the attack for the first 30 seconds, the chance of winning the game is very difficult for sure.


Due to her weight, she can stand for a long over other troops in any battle. She is strongest on her peak level when compared to superheroes.

Electro dragon:

Electro dragon uses a ring of thunder to give damage many buildings in the village base. These troops may be slow, but for serious attacks, you can use these troops to lead the game to win.


One of the fastest troops, created for collecting sources from the enemy base. He will die at any time since his target is only on the source, not enemy building or troops. Make sure to drop her near to enemy storage for better results.

Other troops:

There are many strongest troops in this game with different abilities and attack skills. You are recommended to check this game for more detail online.


Spells are not troops, they are actually called a special portion to give the additional ability to different troops. If you are an excellent player, then you might know how to use the spells in a better way. Apart from, the above troops and spells we discussed, there are many special buildings to safeguard your gaming base.

How to use clash of clans for pc without bluestack

Nowadays, games are the best entertainment for many people and the people also have the more interest to play different types of games. In today’s world, 500 million people are playing these games all over the world. In this passage, we talk about super-cell games. You have to play these games with any kind of device such as a computer, laptop, smartphone, and more. This supercell game is also available on android and IoS. The majority of professional gamers most commonly prefer the coc for the bigger screen. Everyone knows that the bluestacks application which helps to play the different types of games in the industry. But it was not convenient for every kind of computer system. In this passage, we talk about how to use clash of clans for pc without bluestack.

The download process of Clash of clans on PC

You have to easily download the coc on your pc and you also need to choose the official version of the game. Windows 10 is more suitable for using these coc games. First of all, you have to download the blue stacks 4 emulators and install the executable file on your computer. Sign in to your Google account and install the application then you will start using the game. You can also get this application in the play store in a few steps. Search the clash of clans in the play store and install the game on your personal computer. There are many different types of keyboard controls in the pc. A considerable amount of system is more than enough to get a better experience of the low-powered laptops. Furthermore, the alternate android emulators also give better performance to the users.

Alternatives of bluestacks

There are different kinds of alternatives available on the online platform. First of all, we are talking about the remix operating system and it was considered the default operating system. If you are interested in making your system with dual boot, then you have to use the remix operating system. Yes, it gives the double benefit to the users the first one is you have to download any kind of games with the help of this OS even more you are using this operating system as the second OS. Android apps are another better way to play any kind of game. Now we are moving to the other things: the Nox player. It was a simulator that helps to optimize the entire android games on the PC. You can easily connect the PS4 controller with this simulator. You have to use some minimum requirements for alternate the bluestacks and latest versions, processors and the RAM is more than enough for alternate the bluestacks. Clash of Clans is the most popular game in the industry but Bluestack is the only problem. To access it with the help of the above alternative, you can easily access this game.