What are the functions of the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Gurgaon and New Delhi?

What are the functions of the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Gurgaon and New Delhi?

Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Gurgaon

In this article, you will know about the function of the drug rehabilitation centre in Gurgaon and New Delhi.

What is meant by drug Rehabilitation?

The drug rehabilitation is one of the processes of combing the medical and psychotherapeutic treatments to the address dependency on the alcohol, drugs, and other toxic substances. The main goal is patient to remain the permanently avoid the alcohol and drugs. The intent of the rehabilitation the patient leads a successful life without the drug.

What are the goals of the drug rehabilitation centre?

The Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Gurgaon has the seven important goals. They are given by,

  • Goal 1, End the drug abuse: The most important goal of the drug rehabilitation is to stop drinking. It is the foremost starting point of the treatment.
  • Goal 2, Establish the positive support system: This is an important goal in the drug rehabilitation because of it allows for the successful life of the patient after the program is complete.
  • Goal 3, Improve the general health – It allows a healthier lifestyle and it is important for the long-term moderation. This goal is achieved in the first week of the program. 
  • Goal 4, Improve the personal circumstances – This goal aims to provide the patient successful future life outside of the program.
  • Goal 5, Meet employment and educational needs: This goal provides a successful life for the inpatient and outpatient.
  • Goal 6, Reduce the criminal behavior and resolve the legal problems: The main aim of the rehab center is to remove the negative aspects of the patient’s life.
  • Goal 7, Treat the psychiatric orders and psychological problems: The centers aim to provide the facilities for the psychological problems.

What happens in the drug rehabilitation centre in New Delhi?

The Drug Rehabilitation Centre in New Delhi things happening during the treatment is given by,

Assessment – The medical staff will access the patient’s personal information and they will create a program that is unique for you. It includes the physical exam, psychological screening, accesses the personal circumstances, and urinalysis drug tests. 

Drug Detox if necessary – Drug withdrawal generally begins in three to five hours of last. The medical staff only allows monitoring the patients for the safety.

Psychotherapy and behavior treatment – This is the most important phase of the program and it will provide the future life as more successful. During this phase the medical staff counsel with the patients to address current emotions and current mental conditions.

Prescription medications – It depends upon the emerging and valuable tools for the treatment. It includes the Acamprosate, Anti-anxiety medications, Antidepressants, Disulfiram and Naltrexone.

Continuing the drugism education – It will help to break the down the compulsion to take the drug and understand the origin of the carvings and also avoid the triggers in the future.

Finally supportive social services – During the final step of the program is medical staff empower the patient by connecting to the outside facility. 

This service includes the housing, health care, social service, financial counseling, vocational counseling, and child care.

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