How can the ears be reshaped?

How can the ears be reshaped?


The medical field is advanced in various technologies. It uses technical procedures to treat multiple defects that happen to the person either by birth or due to any injury. For example, it is possible to repair or change the shape of any body part to a desired shape and position. You can follow specific clinical methods to reshape the features of the body. It might be a long process, or it will be a short-term way that depends on the need of the part to be corrected.

What is the clinical remedy for misshapes?

If you wish to correct your body parts or enhance your beauty, you can prefer plastic or cosmetic surgery. It is an advanced technology that can change your outlook and give a pleasant appearance. However, it would help if you decided the organ you need to correct or reshape. And the process requires the supervision of expert surgeons.

If you want to perform the surgery to the ears, you can consult the doctor and get suggestions over otoplasty. The surgery proceeds to bring back the correct shape of the ear or change its location to give a better look. Again, you can opt for prior appointments to treat your issue.

Otoplasty in Punjab is considered one of the best facial surgery as it requires very little time for recovery. The commonly called ‘ear pinning’ surgery is applicable for more minor children less than five years old as the process is straightforward.

What are the steps followed in ear surgery?

The standard method of performing the surgery is listed below.

  • Admission is necessary for the treatment process, and the patient will be subjected to basic tests to check the vital metabolic activities and blood pressure.
  • Soon after the test results, the patient will undergo the anesthetic process in the surgical room. The sedation might be local, general, or intravenous depends on the patient’s choice.
  • Next comes the incision part, and it will take place at the backside of the ear. The procedure will continue, and internal, non-removable sutures will protect the corrected cartilages.
  • External stitches will help close the incisions, and advanced methods will help heal without disturbing the other parts to give an appealing look.
  • The healing process will start, and dressing is vital for the particular part. Scars and marks will get hidden at the backside of the ear during the surgery of protruding ears.
  • The patient will be visible with the expected results within a short period of the surgery.

What are the benefits?

Otoplasty in Punjab benefits in many ways for the clients who approach for the correction of the ears. The most common uses are

  • This helps in the modification of prominent ears
  • It increases the self-confidence level in the individual
  • It helps in providing the natural facial appearance
  • This is a permanent solution and provides lifelong results
  • It is the safest treatment

People who underwent surgery must follow all the instructions given by the doctors and need to follow the medications for recovery. Therefore, follow-up sitting is essential to study the healing procedure at regular intervals.