Exotic Fruits and their Health Benefits

Exotic Fruits and their Health Benefits

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The nature has bestowed upon us many blessings. Fruits are one of them as they provide all the necessary nutrients a human body requires. It is one of the natural ways to get the health benefits. People who include fruits and vegetables in their diet are less likely to suffer from any type of diseases. The nature has provided us with a vast variety of fruits. Each fruit has its own specialty and health benefits. Let us have a look at three exotic fruits, namely; passion fruits, persimmon fruit and red banana. 

All About Passion Fruit

Passion fruit is a vine specie of passion flower, known as Passiflora vine. The skin of the passion fruit is tough and has a yellow or purple color. If we talk about the taste, then the passion fruit has a tropical flavor. The seeds inside the fruit are edible. It is juicy, sweet, tart and the seeds give it a slight crunch. It is a tropical fruit and is mainly originated in South America, particularly in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. However, passion fruit can now survive in sub-tropical climates as well. Therefore, now it can also be found in America, Australia etc.

Passion fruit is a nutrient dense fruit. It is a very good source of Vitamin C, fibers and provitamin A. It is rich in antioxidants, for example Vitamin C and polyphenols. They are helpful in reducing the risk of heart diseases, healthy aging and support our immune system. 

Persimmons – Fruit of the Gods

Coming from trees in the genus Diospyros, persimmon is an edible fruit. It looks like a tomato but the color ranges from yellow to a deep-red orange. The Persimmon fruit has a texture similar to a jelly and has yellow-orange juicy flesh. The flavor is sweet and a little tangy. However, you can only get this taste when they are fully ripe. Otherwise, the unripen persimmon fruit gives a weird dry-mouth feeling. It is originated from China, Japan and South-Korea but is also available in Brazil, Spain and America. 

The Persimmon fruit has a very good nutritional value. It is a source of potassium, fiber, phosphorous, and vitamin C and A. They are helpful in improving eye-sight and boost the immune system. They also help in lowering the cholesterol level in the body. 

Exotic Red Banana

Bananas are very popular and one of the healthiest fruits. There are a number of varieties of bananas but the most popular, apart from the regular yellow banana, is the red banana. In fact, the red banana provides more health benefits than the regular ones. It is red-skinned, soft and sweet with a hint of raspberry sweetness. The red banana is originated from India, South-east Asia, Australia and New Zealand etc. 

Red bananas are rich in nutrients and have plenty health benefits. They are an instant source of healthy carbs, vitamin B and C. They really help in managing diabetes, boost energy levels, help in weight loss.