An Informative CoinFLEX Review for Beginners

An Informative CoinFLEX Review for Beginners

CoinFLEX review

CoinFLEX Exchange is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange which allows people to purchase, exchange and sell cryptocurrencies using financial instruments. The exchange offers a huge number of cryptocurrencies and native coins on the platform to allow users to trade in assets emerging from various markets. CoinFLEX is managed by Liquidity Technologies Ltd and, in collaboration with Bitgo, provides up to $100 million insurance on digital wallets.

Now, the various advantages will be discussed in this CoinFLEX review to help investors in understanding the benefits of trading on CoinFLEX.

Joining Bonus

Instead of typical joining bonuses offered by numerous other exchanges, CoinFLEX uses a yield-system against the native currency coin to benefit its users when they join the platform. Instead of offering your holdings to other traders for leverage trading, the user just has to hold his native coin in their exchange wallets. These holdings will earn you interest just by sitting in your digital wallets.

Yield system brings in a side income for the users of CoinFlex Exchange who treat it as one of the multiple methods to earn money and develop assets on the platform.

Convenience of Depositing and Withdrawal

The CoinFLEX Exchange simplifies deposits and withdrawals by allowing users to buy-in or cash-out of all assets being traded on the platform. CoinFLEX also simplifies transfers by using the system of QR Codes. You can withdraw from cryptocurrencies by opting to convert them into native coins. The process is protected by a Two Factor Authentication system. The limit of daily withdrawal is set to $10,000.

CoinFLEX Exchange also doesn’t charge a deposit or withdrawal fees. Only operational expenses of moving the crypto assets are applied on users.

Leverage Trading on CoinFLEX

Coinflex, unlike other platforms providing a 100x limit, provides a 250x limit for leverage trading option available to investors and traders. Leverage trading is the process of borrowing capital or trading asset from other investors and then investing them in cryptocurrencies as per choice. CoinFLEX Exchange lends upto 250x of the trading capital to make trading more beneficial for users and also to make profit for the firm.

It is very important to remember that in Leverage Trading, the holdings and assets can be numerously multiple or zero at a very fast pace. Due to the likeliness of both scenarios. It is suggests for investors and traders to have proper trading knowledge and techniques in order to earn profits from Leverage Trading

CoinFLEX Review on Risk Mitigation

CoinFLEX Exchange has incorporated a number of tools in its platform which help the user to mitigate risk effectively. These tools are very crucial for the purpose of beneficial trading and allows investors and users to distribute and manage risk effectively on their investments. Few of the most useful tools and listed and explained

Stop Trailing

This tool is used to stop the investments from falling below a certain level which is denote by the investor. If the price of an asset falls below the price level defined by the investor. The system will automatically cash-out the investment to safeguard the investor’s holdings from depreciating beyond a desired level.

Loss and Profit Margins

The investor again defines an upper limit and a lower limit to the system on which it takes out the investment. If the investment grows up to a level defined by the user or falls. Below the opening balance to a certain level, the investments are withdraw. This is very useful for those who are not looking to do long term trading in only a single, specific digital currency.


CoinFLEX Exchange allows the users to develop multiple sub-accounts on which they can trade using different methodologies with different ambitions. You can distribute your capital.

CoinFLEX Exchange Review on Safety Aspects

The exchange incorporates a Two-Factor Authentication system on its platform to safeguard the holdings, capital and investments of users. By adding this additional layer of security. CoinFLEX prevents users from digital frauds and ensures that the users are not scam or rob in cyber hacks.

CoinFLEX also adheres to the policy of keeping 99% of the holdings away in cold storages. So that the user’s privacy and funds are not compromise. Only 1% of the holdings are kept in easy to access, hot wallets.

It is also noticeably lower than the fee charged by most of its competition. Therefore, if a low fee structure is your priority then CoinFLEX can be a suitable exchange for you.

Client Support

CoinFLEX Exchange offers a detailed Frequently Asked Questions section that explores numerous questions of the users. Which provides a detailed insight to solving these problems. The support team is also responsive over the emails. In which the issues of users are solve on priority so that users don’t run into uncertainties and problems.

The platform doesn’t provide a live chat option. But the FAQ section and email support is suppose to resolve any issues originating for the users.

Impressive Leverage

This CoinFLEX review exchange seeks to cover all of the platform’s primary features that potential users should be aware of. As a result, it focuses on one main component that traders should be aware of: the support it provides for leverage trading.

One of the most popular types of crypto trading is leverage trading, which allows traders to generate significant gains. However, gains are not guarantee in any way. If traders are not diligent, they could wind up losing a lot of money instead of making money.

The traders might borrow funds from the brokers in this sort of trading. These Traders can use borrowed funds to open larger trading positions without having to invest a large sum of money.

Varied exchanges provide different levels of leverage, with CoinFLEX providing one of the greatest, up to 250x. If you’re interest in using leverage in your trading, make sure you grasp the principle and choose a secure exchange.


The CoinFLEX Exchange Review explores multiple details of CoinFLEX and provides a detailed analysis of various aspects of the platform. Knowing the details mentioned above in this brief CoinFLEX review can help you get a good idea.  What kind of exchange this is and what you can expect while using it.