All the problems you have to face while tanning, and the ultimate solution to it!

All the problems you have to face while tanning, and the ultimate solution to it!


Have you ever tried getting a sun-tan? If you have, you would have a pretty good idea about how difficult it can get. Evidence suggests that tanning can cause damage to your skin cells and speed up the signs of aging. It is a well-approved fact by FDA, that there is no such thing as a safe or healthy tan. Sun tanning can even cause skin cancer!

What is Tanning?

Tanning is the process whereby skin color is darkened or tanned. Most often, it is the result of exposure of skin to harmful UV radiations or it is done by artificial sources like tanning beds. The only harmful aspect of tanning is not the risk of burning your skin. The skin doesn’t begin to tan until the Ultraviolet Radiations have pierced through your skin. When UV radiations enter the inner core of your skin, they start messing with your DNA and change the melanin content in your skin. Melanin is the natural skin pigment. It provides pigmentation to your cells and absorbs UV rays and protects us from UV radiations damaging our skin cells.

Melanin and tanning:

UV radiations hit the skin, which produces melanin. The more melanin production, means more tanning. Dermatologists believe that people who do tanning for asthetic reasons are actually hurting themselves. It is true that melanin can protect the body against UV radiations, by absorbing UV rays to some extent. Melanin can act as skin’s natural sunscreen.

Some people believe that they should tan, because the extra melanin produced from the UV rays is good for them. But they most often do not know the amount of damage they are doing in this process. The process of adding that extra dose of melanin, say tanning, is actually a defence mechanism. This defence mechanism begins only after the damage has been done to your skin.

Collagen is the support structure for the skin. Collagen is the reason for a firm facial structure. Without it, you would be getting wrinkles, lines and papery appearance. Scientist divide UV radiations into two categories. These are UV-A & UV-B. Both of them cause damage to DNA and have the potential to cause cancer. UV-A, in particular, is known to break down the natural Collagen in the skin. This leads to premature aging and speeds up the signs of aging. This process is called photoaging. Early symptoms include permanent darkening of the skin, wrinkles, dark spots and leathery skin. Dermatologists believe that not any anti-aging product can recover that lost Collagen and restore the former facial structure.

Premature aging does not happen over a week or month. It is a long term side effects, which means that it may not show until many years have passed after a sun-tan or sunburn. Photoaging requires treatments to restore the skin firmness. A plastic surgeon or, in only some cases, a dermatologist can plan a treatment based on the amount of damage five over the years. Treatments can include skin peels, dermabrasion and skin fillers.

So what should you do to get a better skin tone without having to burn your skin cells? What is the most effective way to tan without risking photoaging and skin cancer? The idea of tan-beds is not any better than sun-tan. Both Sun-tan and tan-beds involve the process of UV traditions piercing through your skin .

Keeping a better diet rich in Vitamin A could help the melanin production. But that can take you only so far. The answer to all your questions is tanning lotions.

Designer skin has developed a sweet bronzing base formula that will keep your skin hydrated. Celebutante Tanning Lotion is the beauty product in USA and it has XIX times the bronzing power. Celebutante Tanning Lotioncontains antioxidants. Antioxidants in the product will give your face a radiant look and minimize the wrinkles and lines on your face.

This is a very safe and effective way of getting a tan without any harm. One in five people who sun-tan are likely to develop skin cancer during their lifetime. Ariel Orstad, who is a dermatologist, and a Medical Doctor in NYC says about sunless tanning lotions:

“A good way of achieving a tan without increasing risk of skin cancer is sunless tanning, its a very safe and quick way of getting tan without any harm”.

If you have experienced a sunless tanner before, you might have experienced done streaking or orange palms. That is not going to be a problem with Celebutante Tanning Lotion, if you apply it properly.

Regardless of the quality of the product, you need to be careful about using it. You should test a small area first and decide if it looks great on you or not. It is a good idea to exfoliate dead skin before you apply Celebutante Tanning Lotion. Start slowly and put the product on lightly for the first time. This way, you would not get streaks because each time you are putting it in a slightly different way. This way you can also tell if certain areas are too dry and pick up the colour more. The tan from the product typically lasts three to five days. The longevity of the tan is due to turnover of skin cells and not that of the product.