9 Smart Tips to Negotiate Packers and Movers Charges in Pune

9 Smart Tips to Negotiate Packers and Movers Charges in Pune

9 Smart Tips to Negotiate Packers and Movers Charges in Pune

Are you looking for the efficient packers and movers in Pune? If yes, then you are not alone. Many people look for affordable household shifting in Pune.

However, the packers and movers charges in Pune are extremely high. People are not able to avail moving services because of their high cost.

Many people choose the option of hiring affordable moving companies. However, these companies are not reliable. The professionals of these companies do not have the required experience.

Also, they have a single goal of befooling you and extracting money from you. They impose wrong charges on you and you have no other option to refuse them.

So, the best thing is to go for the right packers and movers charges in Pune. And it is possible when you negotiate with your movers. A proper negotiation will help you in booking the service at a low cost.

If you are moving for the first time then dealing with moving companies can be very challenging for you.

So, you need to have some negotiation skills to choose the best company.

Luckily there are several best ways to negotiate house shifting rates in Pune.

Here are the ways through which you can negotiate the movers and packers rates in Pune:-

1. Compare the Quotes and Match the Cheapest One

Choosing the packers and movers in Pune affordably is a tough thing. However, you need to be an expert in getting these services at cheap prices.

The first thing you need to do is to compare different moving quotes. Now stick to one quote that is perfect for you in all aspects. After doing it, check the services and the prices of other companies.

If you want to hire the other company, ask them to match the quote picked by you. You can convince them after informing them about your favorite quote.

If you convince them smartly, you will get the services at low prices. Even if you don’t get their services at the same prices, they will surely offer you some discounts.

2. A Proper Research

You must carry out perfect research if you want the services at economic prices. It is always best to know about the company you are hiring. There are many ways through which you can know about a particular company.

You can check the reviews of the companies before you choose it. Just do some background research and you will get to know so much about the company.

You can check the quality of their services. Also, make sure to know the cost at which they have moved customers’ goods in the past.

You can easily get the best deal if you research properly on the internet.

3. Double Check the Details

It is advisable to double-check the information of a particular mover. Make sure to proceed once you are done with checking the information of the movers.

When you are satisfied with the movers, you can negotiate the house shifting charges in Pune with them. You should be logical while requesting the movers to cut their moving charges.

4. Get A Pre-Move Survey

It would be good if you ask them to conduct a pre-move survey for you. This will help you in getting the reduced packers and movers charges in Pune.

In the pre-move survey, the company will check your goods and give you accurate prices. You can also negotiate your prices at that period. They will be convinced if you have a valid point to reduce the moving charges.

5. Cost of Varied Services in Relocation

The moving process has many small processes and phases. The packers and charges in Pune are dependent on several factors. These factors play a big role in deciding the charges for the moving services.

So, the best thing is to consider these factors while negotiating with the movers. Some of these factors are shipment weight, the weight of goods, distance traveled, etc. Other factors are packing quality, required manpower, etc.

6. Carry Less Goods

Separating the unimportant goods from the important ones will help you a lot. This will help you in minimizing the load. When you minimize your goods, you will have to pay a less amount for your moving services.

This is a good way to cut down your shifting costs yourself. You can donate or sell your unimportant items. When you separate unimportant goods from your consignment, your shipment will be less heavy.

So, you can negotiate the packers and movers charges in Pune on this point. Also, you can ask your movers to cut their moving prices. They will have to minimize their packers and movers estimated cost due to the light shipment.

Carrying fewer goods to your destination will help you get moving services at low rates. Many people adopt this practice during the move. They declutter their products before moving to minimize their costs.

7. Ask for The Discounts

The people should ask for special offers and discounts before hiring a moving company. The packers and movers can offer you some discounts if you request them.

This is also the best way to negotiate the packers and movers charges in Pune. Sometimes, many companies offer such discounts on their anniversary dates.

You can be aware of these dates and plan your move accordingly. You can also give some references to get a good discount.

It is also good to get promotional discounts. You can promote the company by giving its reference to your friends and family.

If you do this, there will be some chance of getting any discount from your mover.

8. Off-Season

Most moving firms offer their moving services at low rates in the off-season. So, it is good if you pick their services in the off-season.

If you are in Pune, you must book your services in the off-season only. This will minimize the packers and movers rates in Pune.

Most moving companies offer a discount in the off-season. So, you will have to move in the off-season only. Nobody wants to relocate in the off-season. This is the reason why you can get low-cost moving services.

The movers don’t have any work during the off-season. So, they can offer attractive discounts to the customers.

So, the packers and movers Pune charges are always low during this season. Hence, if you are looking for affordable moving services, book your move in the off-season only. This will let you have additional discounts for your move.

9. Choose Only Good Deal

One way to reduce the packers and movers charges in Pune is to choose only the good deal. Many people opt for the cheap deal and they suffer due to it.

Many movers attract you with their cheap deals. So many people opt for this deal and are trapped by them. Later, these movers force the customers to pay the hidden prices. So, the customers have to pay more prices for their move.

These movers are fraud people who want to get only money from the customers. They do not take care of the customer’s belongings during the move.  These people only think of ways to extract money from innocent customers.


There are other tips to negotiate the packers and movers charges in Pune. With these tips, you can save yourself from the increasing charges of the packers and movers.