7 Extraordinary Craft Breweries around the World

7 Extraordinary Craft Breweries around the World

Craft breweries have become famous for producing some of the best beer brewery in the world. From using unique ingredients to following special methods, craft breweries have created a name for themselves for taking special care to brew exquisite beer. 

In this blog, we’ll look at not one but seven such remarkable craft breweries in different parts of the globe. Let’s begin the virtual tour!

Abbey of St. Sixtus, Vleteren, Belgium

What better place than Belgium to start our journey? Castle Malting, one of the oldest and finest producers of malt, is located in the same country. Belgium has six authentic Trappist breweries, one of which is the Abbey of St. Sixtus. It is also the smallest and best beer brewery in the region. Started in 1839, the brewery sells only two 24-bottle crates per person. You’ll need to go to the abbey store and wait in a mile-long queue to grab your share of beer. But boy, the beer is worth the wait!

Mad Fritz, St. Helena, California, the US

California is not just a home to wine but it is a renowned place for a craft brewery as well. Located in the Napa Valley, Mad Fritz relies on sourcing ingredients from a single origin to brew their famous beer. Organically grown and harvested hops and barley are used to brew their special beer. The beer is aged in barrels to enhance the flavours and bring out the perfect taste, colour and texture.

Shambles Brewery, Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania may not be as famous as Melbourne for beer but it happens to have one of the best craft breweries in the country per castle malting brewery. What started as homebrew turned into a craft brewery that produces beers like Hop American Summer and Farmer’s Tan and Wet. Dance with the Hops, Afternoon Delight and Baggy Green are their core beers. Shambles might be relatively a new place but it sure is a popular and fun place to be.

Svalbard Bryggeri, Svalbard, Norway

Svalbard Bryggeri has gained fame as the northernmost craft brewery in the world. It is just 650 miles from the North Pole and was started in 2015. Do you know what makes this place the best beer brewery in the world? Svalbard Bryggeri uses the water from 2000-year-old glaciers to make beer. Fascinating, isn’t it? They offer five types of beers with varying alcohol percentages.

Beerhouse, Cape Town, South Africa

Located in Long Street, this place calls itself the original and the vanguard of the Beer Revolution. Beerhouse offers more than 25 types of beer from the finest and best microbreweries in the region. It’s a one-stop destination if you want to taste delicious beer in South Africa.

Pasteur Street Brewing Company, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Vietnam is no more a stranger to breweries. Pasteur Street Brewing Company brews 200 varieties of beer. Yeah! The company uses American techniques and local ingredients to brew its beer. The company has three taprooms located in different parts of the city. Belgo brewery is another popular brewery in Vietnam and is fast gaining popularity.

Cerveceria del Valle, Ollantaytambo, Peru

Located in the Sacred Valley, Cerveceria del Valle is an award-winning brewery in the country. This best beer brewery categorises the beer into seasonal, classical, aged and collaborations. Saison Special is their famous seasonal beer in Belgian style and with citrusy flavours. Pachar Old Times and Anniversary VI are their aged beers.


Do you have a favourite brewery the world needs to know about? Let fellow beer lovers check out the place. Drop a line in the comments.