5 Myths and Misconceptions About Stomach Aches

5 Myths and Misconceptions About Stomach Aches

Stomach Aches

Stomach aches can be normal or can be extremely excruciating for some people. These can differ from person to person. With that, there are a number of myths and misconceptions spread about stomach aches. This is mainly because of the less knowledge available to people.

In order to know what the truth is, it is important to know what stomach aches actually are. The best internal medicine specialist in Pakistan says that there can be a number of reasons for stomach aches. It is majorly food and beverages that we take on a daily basis

To understand it better, I have come here to inform you about the myths and the misconceptions that are spread around.

Myth 1:  Eating too fast causes Stomach Aches

There are times when you get really hungry and start to eat at a speed that is very close to a wolf’s. Now, this is also done sometimes when you are in a rush. There are also some people that have this habit of eating really fast.

If someone gets a stomach ache after eating a meal then this certainly cannot be blamed on them eating the food very fast. Eating too fast can obviously impact the stomach and can cause the acids in the stomach to reregulate.

Eating too fast also causes you to take in extra air than usual that is expelled through belching which also indicates the impression of indigestion.

Mth 2: Moving too much while eating  can cause appendicitis

Surely there are a number of times your mother must have asked you or warned. ou to not run around or not to move too much after having a meal. There is obviously a concern in these statements but these can never be trusted to be true.

Now, medical specialists and scientists say that appendicitis is caused by the entrance of foreign objects into the appendix. They are still not sure where these come from. Even though it is said that vigorous activity while eating or after eating is never suitable for the proper functioning of the stomach. It can make it extremely uncomfortable for the person. So this is a myth

Myth 3: Drinking cold water causes stomach aches

“Do not drink cold water” is something that we have heard a lot. This has always been told by our mothers as they think drinking it can cause stomach aches. Now, when it is asked why parents do that, the reason that they give is very pointless. It is believed by parents that cold water solidifies fats in the stomach and causes digestion to be very painful.

The truth here is that the temperature of the food changes and adapts to the body’s temperature quickly. So, this is completely a myth that cold drinks or foods solidify fats in the body.

Myth 4: Sleeping after having a meal can be a cause of stomach aches.

According to a Japanese superstition sleeping after having a meal can turn you into a bull. This means that sleeping after taking a meal can make you feel lethargic and can turn you into a cranky human. People often feel low on energy and lethargy after a meal, which is why post-meal naps are so mainstream.

Well, if we go in-depth, there is nothing to do with stomach aches and sleeping after a meal. It does slow down their digestion as there is o physical activity involved and the person is just going to bed after having food. Stomach aches can be normal or can be extremely excruciating for some people. These can differ from person to person. With that, there are a number of myths and misconceptions spread about stomach aches.

Myth 5: Having cold fruits with hot meals can trigger stomach aches

A lot of people when they eat spicy food, try and wash it all off by taking something cold with it. Some eat fruit, preferably a cold one to make themselves feel better. Now, after they do that, people around them tell them to not do that again this can cause severe stomach aches. This is so wrong to believe as there is no fact attached to it at all.

Some people also believe that having cold drinks with warm food can cause diarrhea along with stomach aches. To this date, a lot of us millennials are waiting for that diarrhea to come to that our mother wanted us all about.

So, do not believe in this myth as it is not supported by some solid evidence.


Stomach aches can be bad and can impact your daily life activities. There are a number of reasons that causes them and there are also a number of myths that are associated with them. Do not believe in them as they are not supported by solid evidence. Some are just misinformation and some are just things spread around like every other day. So do your own research and separate the facts from the facts about a stomach ache.