Why Product Barcodes are important for Inventory Management these days?

Why Product Barcodes are important for Inventory Management these days?

Product Barcodes

E-commerce has had a major impact on the evolution of the warehouse, both in terms of organization and technology. With today’s trend of modern industrial development, products are becoming more and more abundant and diverse, the management of products and goods in the production process as well as checking the quality and quantity of products is very important. Managing products and goods become increasingly difficult and become a great challenge for any company, organization, or factory.

Since then, warehouse management with product barcode was born, helping to manage a large number of products while ensuring the line works quickly, saving time, labor costs, and easy production. So what is warehouse management by barcode? How does it work and what are the benefits? 

What is bar code warehouse management, how does it work?


Barcode is one of the technologies for automatic identification and data collection of objects that are products, goods, organizations or locations, etc., based on the assignment of a code (or digits) to the object. It is necessary to identify and present the code as a barcode so that it can be read by the device. Through barcodes we can know the exact origin of the goods. Depending on the country and territory, the regulations on barcodes will vary. The barcode of the goods will include two parts, including: the code of the goods for human identification and the barcode for the scanners to read and identify.

With the maximum encoding capacity and variety of characters and numbers, today’s barcode system is widely used to manage almost all types of items in the warehouse of business units.

Inventory management

Warehouse management is to control the movement and storage of goods in the most efficient way. The usual methods of storing information with paper and pen are now not very effective. Warehouse management software allows you to incorporate real-time data collection, automation, and printing technologies into your warehouse infrastructure. The general duties of a warehouse manager are to manage raw materials/goods inventory, control the movement of goods, replenish, pack and deliver logistics operations to optimize and save time.


Through the barcode attached to each product, it will be easier to manage goods through numbers and symbols specific to each product item, avoiding confusion. Barcodes can use the code available on the product itself or print a different code for management. Bar code management is accompanied by barcode reading devices that allow detailed information about products and goods through specialized software.

Benefits of warehouse management with barcodes

When e-commerce is becoming one of the pioneering fields of the digital economy, accompanied by a huge amount of goods in terms of quantity and product code, solving the inventory problem is a challenge. An urgent and important issue. Poor warehouse management will lead to: the amount of inventory in the warehouse, manual management, time consuming and human resources, untimely updating, incomplete control if the quantity of goods is too large… This factor seriously affects the strategies and plans of companies and stores. There are barcode printing online services which provide you specially made unique barcode services.