Top 10 Benefits Of Hiring AngularJS Developers from India

Top 10 Benefits Of Hiring AngularJS Developers from India

Developers from India

With technological advancement, almost every industry is revamping, and mobile application development is no exception. Earlier, companies used a product-centric approach while designing and developing mobile apps. But considering the latest trends, companies need customer-centric applications. According to web app experts, this approach will do wonders as it helps in enhancing sales and brand awareness.

Now if you are planning to develop a customer-centric website or mobile application for the benefit of people, the first thing that comes to your mind is a platform. That means which is the best framework companies select to get excellent results swiftly.

Apart from all other platforms, AngularJS is on top. It is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end development platform that is easy to develop and handle. This platform is well-known for developing the most interactive UI/UX framework prevalent among front-end developers. Being an open-source development framework, it helps developers handle several challenges that come during the app development process.

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10 Benefits of Hiring AngularJS Developers from India

Developers from India

If you have decided to choose the AngularJS platform for your next mobile application, you surely need a professional to complete the task. These are the following benefits to hire angularJS developers from India for web application development. Take a look!


They are Highly Skilled and Experienced Developers

AngularJS developers in India are highly qualified, skilled, and knowledgeable regarding front-end development. They know all about angular and TypeScript language used in web app development, making the development process easy and effective.

Besides, they are also experts in adjacent technologies like Node, Webpack, etc., essential for performing asynchronous tasks. Additionally, as they start working in this field, they come to know every small-scale issue related to angular, because of which they own enough experience to make the mobile app successful.

Highly Interactive User Interface

Angular JS is an open-source framework because of which the developers can develop an app with a highly interactive user interface. That means this user interface of mobile apps can easily engage clients for an extended period, giving an excellent overall experience. This type of user interface can increase the customer retention rate within no time.

According to the latest report of the 2019 StackOverflow survey, around 30.7% of software developers are developing mobile apps with the AngularJS framework. Additionally, the angularJS platform is entirely customizable, which allows developers to design the UI per the client’s requirements and demands.

In short, the mobile apps developed by angularJS are developed by looking at the present market status and the target audience so that they will be engaging and interactive.

Code Reusability

Code reusability is another thing to consider, which compels companies to hire the best angularJS developers in India to develop mobile apps. That means the application developed with this code can be easily managed and developed without much effort.

The code reusability delivers two benefits to the developers: the reduction in cost and development time. In this scenario, the developers have to make minor changes in the code to tailor the application according to customer demand. Overall, hiring angular developers saves time on mobile development apps at a meager cost.

AngularJS Developers are aware of the latest technology


Hiring angularJS developers in India means your mobile apps will have advanced functionalities. The reason is they know very well about the latest technological trends and tools that help them develop more competitive software for the company’s benefit.

No Time Zone Barrier

Hiring angularJS developers from India means your project will be completed on time and deliver excellent results within no time. That means developers from India are available 24 by 7 for the project and will work according to the client’s nation zone.

So, if you plan to hire angular developers from India, do not worry about the time zone.

Offers Effective Testing

Testing of mobile apps is one of the critical phases that can make or break the rule. When angular JS developers build a customer-centric mobile app, they ensure it must pass the testing phase. That means developers will deliver error-free applications that will pass every testing phase with all the possible use cases and conditions.

The reason why angular developers deliver error-free apps is that the angularJS framework can be easily tracked and can be free from bugs. This quick error correction feature of angular reduces the time to develop a mobile app by which integrating new features and services becomes easy.

Have Considerable Community Support

Tech giant called Google, AngularJS has a massive developers community that is always ready to help their clients in need. That means if any of the clients face any problem with the app, they resolve the issue related to angular JS within no time. This community has experienced and highly skilled angularJS developers who can resolve even complex matters with front-end development.

On top of that, the angularJS group of developers is always ready to answer the complex questions clients ask about apps.

Delivers Client-side Development Capabilities

When angularJS developers build applications, there are several things they must consider to make the app successful. First, the application will look and perform flawlessly to keep the customers engaged with the platform.

Secondly, along with aesthetics, the app must be intuitively designed so that even qualified people can use it easily. The angular framework is infused with several clients-de development features to make the app the best, like, transclusion, directives, dependency injection, data binding, and many more.

AngularJS developers can only handle all these things with thorough knowledge and experience.

Money Savings

Every individual and company knows that these applications take a lot of savings, and after that, there is no guarantee they will deliver profit or not. So, if you are looking for ideas to save on app development, hire an angularJS expert from India. That means, if you have a limited budget, angularJS is a superb platform that will not make a hole in your pocket.

According to the experts, the overall cost of developing a website via the angularJS platform is 60-70% cheaper. There are approximately 2 million angular developers alone in India that have in-depth knowledge about the angular framework and offer affordable services.

MVC and MVVM Architecture Integration

AngularJS always follows MVC, which is a model-view-controller and MVVM (model-view-view-model) architecture. This MVC architecture separates the app into three categories, making it easy for the angularJS developers to manage the view, data, and bridges. 

Moreover, these models also save time for the developer in the application development compared to other frameworks. Additionally, both these models are an added advantage for the developers regarding accessibility and flexibility. In short, it helps developers to show their caliber in a better way.


With time the popularity of front-end development services is significantly increasing, and among many, AngularJS is the most-demanding technology. It helps angularJS developers to build robust, engaging, and highly interactive websites and mobile applications.

On top of that, companies are relying on this platform because it delivers customer-centric business solutions. So, if you want excellent results, go with the angularJS framework by hiring angularJS developers for your business. They are very well versed with angular platforms and can resolve complex issues efficiently that lead to the success of the website or mobile application. But before you hire the developer, ensure to conduct a deep research of their qualification and experience for the perfect match for your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the skills AngularJS developers have to make successful applications?

Ans: One needs numerous essential skills to succeed as an angular developer, like npm, angular CLI, HTML and CSS, TypeScript, Angular, RxJS, and many more.

Q2: Do companies still need AngularJS developers?

Ans: Till now, around 7716 companies, including Google, Amazon, and Udemy, are using the angular framework. Considering these numbers, the demand for AngularJS developers is very high.

Q3: Why should one hire an AngularJS developer from India to develop a website or mobile application?

Ans: The reason to hire the angular developer is they have relevant skills, passion for the industry, and experience in the field to deliver the best website and mobile app to the client.