Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About MBBS In Kazakhstan

Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About MBBS In Kazakhstan

Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About MBBS In Kazakhstan

MBBS is a primary medical degree which is also known as Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of surgery. Most of the students who want to make their career in the medical field go for opting for MBBS. It has a duration of 6 years generally. According to the MCI website resource, it was observed that around 60,000 students get into the medical field every year. Many students also go for MBBS abroad as it is offered at a very affordable and cheap cost when compared to that of countries like India. Are you one of them? And thinking of taking admission in MBBS Abroad? You are at the right place. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the truth about doing MBBS in Kazakhstan. As there are many Indian students who choose to do MBBS in Kazakhstan.

Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About MBBS In Kazakhstan

MBBS in Kazakhstan is a very great choice one could opt for. Especially when it comes to Indian students. It offers MBBS at a very low-cost fee. MBBS from Kazakhstan is a very great opportunity for students from India as the medical degrees from Kazakhstan are recognized by the Medical Council of India. And the cost of living is also very low when compared to any other countries like India, USA, etc. Kazakhstan offers you at a duration of 5 years which is less when compared to other countries. So, it also saves your time. So, if you are thinking of doing MBBS abroad then you must think of MBBS in Kazakhstan.

Let us now know about the advantages and Disadvantages of Studying in Kazakhstan which will make our mind clear about taking admission there and which will reveal out Truth About Doing MBBS In Kazakhstan.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan

WHO and NMC Approved Universities

The universities in Kazakhstan are top-ranked worldwide and are also recognized and approved by organizations like WHO and MCI, UNESCO. And Because of the internationally recognized degrees, it becomes easier for students to get internships or jobs in the top Hospitals of any part of the world.

The 5-year Duration of the MBBS Program

The universities/colleges in Kazakhstan offer you an MBBS course at a duration of just 5 years which is lesser when compared to other countries. It saves a complete One year if you choose Kazakhstan for your MBBS programs. Students can use this One year for completing other plans like can go for doing internships in top Hospitals, starting practicing medicine, pursuing a job and whatnot. So, if you are a person who wants to do everything with time and want to make your carrier in the medical field then MBBS in Kazakhstan is the best choice for you.

No Extra Charges/ Donation to be Paid

Unlike India where students have to give lakhs and lakhs of donations just for reserving their seat in any medical College here in Kazakhstan the Universities/colleges do not ask for any extra charges or Donation so, it saves a lot of money. You can study MBBS in Kazakhstan at a very reasonable cost. Even the middle-class families in India can afford MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian Student very easily.

Easy Admission Procedure

The universities in Kazakhstan offer you very very easy admission procedures. The candidate who is aspiring for taking admission in MBBS Kazakhstan just needs to meet the eligibility criteria. And if you are taking admission with the help of an MBBS abroad Consultant then you don’t need to worry about anything you will get admission very easily to the top universities of Kazakhstan.

World-Class Facilities

All the medical universities/colleges in Kazakhstan have world-class facilities available like modern infrastructure facilities with modern equipment. Doing MBBS in Kazakhstan will be really very productive choice one can go for. The classrooms in the universities of Kazakhstan are all air-conditioned.

Availability of Indian Food

The best thing about studying MBBS in Kazakhstan is that you can enjoy eating Indian food by sitting in Kazakhstan. It becomes easier for Indian students to adapt and survive in Kazakhstan. There are so many Indian restaurants as well in Kazakhstan which fulfill the demand for Indian Food for all Indian students. So, being an Indian student and worried about Food facilities in Kazakhstan you need not worry one can easily live there.

So, these were the advantages of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan, and just like every coin which has two coins there are a few disadvantages as well for studying MBBS in Kazakhstan. Let us know a few of these disadvantages while will reveal the exact truth about doing MBBS in Kazakhstan and helping you to decide whether to go for MBBS Kazakhstan or not?

Disadvantages of doing MBBS in Kazakhstan

Unfriendly Environment

For many students leaving their country and going to a completely unknown country is a difficult task. And the changes in Environment, language, and culture all around may feel you homesick. And it may be difficult for you to adjust and live in Kazakhstan.

Overcrowded Universities

The universities/colleges in Kazakhstan are so much overcrowded. It feels like they are all bugged up with students. And due to which it leads to lack of personal attention to students. Which may also lead to disinterest and quitting of students from pursuing MBBS.

Low FMGE Passing Percentage

For practicing Medicine in India it is very important for Indian students who studied MBBS abroad to clear FMGE. And the FMGE Passing Percentage in the Universities/ colleges of Kazakhstan are lesser when compared to other countries like Ukraine, the Philippines, Bangladesh, etc.

Communication Barrier

For international students communication becomes a barrier and you can face many difficulties in dealing with the locals living there. Language turns out a big hindrance for all the Indian students studying MBBS in Kazakhstan. So, if you are planning for taking admission to MBBS Kazakhstan then you must be ready to face new challenges every now and then.

Cold Climate Conditions

The Climatic conditions in Kazakhstan are very cold and are not convenient for each and everybody to adjust there. So, climatic conditions may be a bad disadvantage of studying in Kazakhstan as many students will not be able to adjust there easily.

Many Universities having less Experience

There are universities/colleges in Kazakhstan which are top-ranked and recognized by WHO but are also many Universities that have very little experience in the Medical Field. So, it depends completely on your choice. Make sure you always prefer taking admission in top universities which are very well recognized and approved by various organizations like WHO MCI,, etc.

So, These were the disadvantages of studying in Kazakhstan and I hope to know you are aware of the truth behind doing MBBS in Kazakhstan.


There are always two sides to everything so there are advantages as well as disadvantages of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan So, it completely depends on the candidate. What all are the priorities a candidate is looking for? What all are the features that make a university ideal for them? This completely depends on personal choice. So, choose accordingly. There are a few Best MBBS Abroad Educational Consultants like Pulse Education, Moksh Overseas Education Consultants, etc. You can consent these Consultants to take admission in MBBS abroad.