Setting up a Business in Dubai – Step by Step Guide

Setting up a Business in Dubai – Step by Step Guide

Setting up a Business in Dubai - Step by Step Guide

This blog post will guide you through the process of setting up a business in Dubai. In this guide, those who want to start a business, but are unfamiliar with the process will find helpful information. The article starts by discussing the requirements, then moves onto registering your company, and finally offers advice on how to keep your business running smoothly. 

The process of setting up a business in Dubai can be daunting at first but ultimately rewarding if done correctly – read on for more information about what it takes!

What do you need to start a business in Dubai?

You’ll need the following:

– A minimum investment of 100,000 Dirhams. The company can lend you the money or find you a co-investor (we recommend SafeCapitals for this). Find out more about investing here.

1. Setting up a company in Dubai

The first step of setting up your own business in Dubai is to register an LLC.If you would like help setting up a company, then you should hire a registered agent.Application forms and fees must be approved by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority. As soon as the government accepts your application, hire a secretary to complete additional steps such as obtaining your business license. To get started, follow these steps:

1. Setting up a company in Dubai

2. Setting up the private office

3. Setting up bank accounts and applying for a trade license

Company Formation in Dubai: A Step by Step Complete Guide

Requirements to Setting up a Business in Dubai

Firstly, you will need to find an office space. In the country, there are many property agencies where offices can be rented. The options available include serviced offices, which offer maintenance and cleaning services, virtual offices, which don’t require a physical address, and local offices, which combine virtual and serviced office services. Setting up the business itself is relatively straightforward – you will need to submit an application form to the UAE Federal Government, which also entitles you to choose your license!  For more information on licenses, please see below.

The Dubai authorities give business owners four types of licenses: an Industrial License, a Maritime License, a Commercial License. Creating a consortium makes starting a business even easier. As a company is formed in United Arab Emirates, all partners are required to submit resumes and criminal records for approval by Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED. Registration can be done at any of the General Department of Corporations (GDCO) offices situated throughout the country.

This will also save you the trouble of having to file the paperwork in person.

If opening an office in Dubai, you will need to ensure that it meets certain requirements (see pic). The business name and trade description must be unique for your industry, and cannot violate any trademarks held by others. If none are available then you can use a generic name, although this is not advisable.  Setting up a business in Dubai will require you to register its name with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (see pic). There are many benefits from registering as a company – please see ‘ Setting Up Your Company in UAE ‘ for more information.

The registration process should be completed within one month but could take longer if you are part of a consortium. Setting up a business in Dubai is straightforward, and although it can be time-consuming to fill out all of the paperwork, as long as you follow the correct procedure then you should not have any problems. 

Setting up a company in UAE will also incur taxes

In the article ‘ Setting Up Your Company in UAE ‘, you can find more information about how taxes and fees are paid. With The Company Inc.’s guidance, you should have no problem starting and running your own company in Dubai.

You can contact us for any questions regarding Setting Up a Business in UAE. Alternatively, you can check out our Set Up Your Company in UAE guide, which you can download here.

Setting up a Business in Dubai

The UAE is one of the most rapidly growing economies in the world, which allows you to establish a business relatively easily. In addition, the city offers a great environment for creating a company, as businesses are well supported here. Establishing a business in Dubai is the first step in starting your own company, but it does not spell the end of your journey. Businesses need extensive support throughout their lifetimes, and setting one up here will be an exciting new era for you. Setting up a business in Dubai can be daunting at first but ultimately rewarding if done correctly.

You are embarking on a new entrepreneurial journey when you establish your business in Dubai. You should verify that there are no blood or marriage ties between you and that any financial commitments you enter into comply with minimum standards listed in this article.


Okay, now you know how to register your company. But what about after that? Here are some tips for the next steps in starting and maintaining a successful business in Dubai. Where should I start? What’s the best way to keep my business running smoothly? These questions will be answered below! Read on for more information about setting up a Business in Dubai – Step by Step Guide. Step-by-step guide to setting up your company, trading company, franchise or business. Trading Company, Trading Company, Franchise, Business Overseas, Partnerships, or Sole Proprietorship establishment in Dubai.

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