How to choose the right size and style of banner stand for your event or business

How to choose the right size and style of banner stand for your event or business

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Banners play a vital role in showcasing your brand’s services and expertise. They serve as a great way to express your business at conventions or other social gatherings. With everything, however, a durable base is crucial, and banners are no exception. In short, banner stands make your banner stand out.

Selecting the ideal size for your banner stand can be unnerving as there’s loads to choose from. The right banner stand size makes your banner twice as effective. On the other hand, choosing the wrong size leads to havoc. In simpler words, your banner might topple over repeatedly, or you might not be able to use it at all.

Since there are multiple options to choose from, here is a compilation of different banner stand styles so you can select the perfect style for your banner.

Retractable banner stands 

They are one of the most popular banner styles as they are cost-friendly and can be set up or taken down in no time. They are portable and can easily be moved around for ideal positioning. Retractable banner stands can also be rolled up into their casing which protects the banner when being transported.

These stands can be acquired in varied sizes ranging from 24×78 up to 48×78. They’re are suitable for indoors and cannot withstand intense winds if set up outdoors.

Roll-up banner stands 

Roll-up banner stands are almost identical to retractable banner stands in terms of features. Their elegant appearance, however, distinguishes them and brings forth a graceful look to your banner. They too, as the name insists, can be rolled up into their casing making them easily transportable.

L banner stands 

L banner stands are lightweight making them easy to carry and move around. They are also cost-effective and durable since they have no components that can be damaged in transportation. Their sleek design gives the banner stability and keeps the display in place. L banner stands to provide decent support to your banner making them great for indoors and for calm weather outdoors as well.

They come in size 24×64 making them an ideal fit for small spaces. L banner stands to save time as well and can be set up within minutes.

X banner stands 

X banner stands are portable and extremely lightweight. They are also cheap, making them an exceedingly popular choice amongst customers. The high-end models are also relatively cheap and thus are frequently bought for events or brand promotions.

They have flexible arms like those used in tents attached to the corners of banners. These flexible arms hold the banner firmly in place as they bend to create tension. X banners have a support leg in the back which can be adjusted to change the angle of the banner. Their tripod support system gives the banner more stability indoors and even outdoors in calm weather. They take longer to set up as compared to L banner stands.

Promotional banner stands 

Banner stands used for brand marketing are the go-to choice for aspiring businesses or companies with promotional offers. They come with a heavy base which makes them harder to transport. Contrarily, this base provides the banner with more support and further weight can be added to use them outdoors as well.

They come in a variety of sizes ranging from 1’x3.5’ up to 3’x9.5 allowing you to choose according to the space available. Promotional banner stands must be assembled again for a new setup.

EZ banner stands 

EZ post banner stands are used outdoors and thus are made of the best quality weather-resistant PVC fabrics to avoid corrosion. These provide great marketing and promotional opportunities at events as their bold framework helps entice the crowd. They come with an aluminum body which reduces the weight of the stand. EZ post banner stands are usually planted into the ground and are used for long-term advertising.

Their 10×4 size makes them ideal for outdoor use and they are easy to assemble which makes them a favored option amongst others for outdoor use.

Pros of Choosing the Right Banner Size 

  1. Visibility: A properly sized banner will be more visible to attendees, which can increase brand awareness and help to draw attention to a specific message or product you offer. It also helps divert attention.
  2. Impact: A larger banner may have a greater impact and be more memorable than a smaller one. And you’d definitely want something impactful for your event, which is why the right size is extremely important.
  3. Professional appearance: A banner that is the right size for the event will look more professional and polished.
  4. Space utilization: A banner that is in line with the event and its motives will cater to space effectively and not look out of step.
  5. Cost-effective: The right-sized banner can increase your ROIS, which decreases your overall investment. Thus, proves to be cost-effective.
  6. Easy to set up and take down: Banners are very easy to set up. But, if you use a banner that isn’t suitable for your event, you may have to face problems. So it’s best to use the proper size so it’s easier to take down and set up the banner during the event.
  7. Customization: You can customize the banner in any way you like as long it fits the narrative of your business and is designed to the proper size.
  8. Branding: Choosing the right banner size for your event helps to create a consistent and cohesive branding strategy across different events and platform


It’s important to choose the right size and style of the banner for encouraging your target audience to buy your products and services. It helps to set the right business narrative and promote active engagement.

At Signs NYC, we make sure to factor in every component and come up with fabulous designs for your banner. Our talented team recommends the best sizes that suit your event and will help you set the right tone for the event.