Freelancers: The Designers, Writers, and Programmers of the Future

Freelancers: The Designers, Writers, and Programmers of the Future

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NewsVarsity reports that the times are changing. The ever-crowded workforce of today is becoming crowded not only with skilled workers but also with freelancers, who are taking over occupations that were once considered steady jobs. Today’s young workforce is shifting towards alternative professions that are highly specialized and self-employed. This shift could lead to a better market economy through the increase in competition between companies and an increase in specialization opportunities for professionals across industries.

Influence of freelancers

As  reported yesterday, Freelancers now represent 34% of the entire workforce, and their numbers will likely continue to grow. And it isn’t just writers and designers – more traditional white-collar workers such as accountants and lawyers can expect to become freelancers in the near future.

NewsVarsity predicts a bright future for freelancers, who enjoy working at their own pace and being paid on demand. While it may be difficult to have a steady paycheck when one is unemployed, freelancing can actually lead to greater self-determination and higher salaries . NewsVarsity interviewed Gavin “Gav” Purdy, an entertainment writer who chose to become a freelancer after receiving his BFA in Creative Writing from SUNY Purchase.

Clients exposure

“I was sick of writing articles that no one wanted,” he said ,”and I was tired of asking people what they thought about my work and getting nowhere.” For Gav, freelancing has been the answer: he no longer has to deal with a boss who hates his ideas, and he can publish the articles that he wants to work on. NewsVarsity spoke with Gav about what it means to be a freelancer these days:

” Freelancing is better than working for someone else because you’re not stuck under anyone’s thumb.” He continued, “You get paid when you want and how you want – and if no one will pay you, why should you care? You can do whatever and create whatever and write whatever and make money off of nothing – well, maybe not nothing. But it’s close enough.” NewsVarsity also interviewed Joel “JRod” Rodriguez-Lopez , an artist who was laid off from his job as an animator at Pixar after the release of Toy Story 3. “It was the worst day of my life!” he revealed, only half-joking, but after some consideration he chose to become a freelancer and now works out of an office in his home. The Indian Jurist asked him how it felt to go from having a steady job to working on his own.

Clients feedback

“I was really insecure for a while,” he said, “but it ended up being great. Because I got to do stuff that I’m actually good at and happy about instead of just coloring someone else’s vision.” NewsVarsity predicts that the future will see not only more freelancers. But also more companies hiring them en masse. Independent businesses such as NewsVarsity show no signs of slowing down. NewsVarsity’s assistant editor is a freelancer who has worked for NewsVarsity for two months, and NewsVarsity anticipates hiring more freelancers in the future.

NewsVarsity predicts that more individuals will be working outside of the standard 9-5 job schedule if they choose to become freelancers. Our news website also predicts that the next generation of workers will have. Very different expectations than today’s workforce, so employers must accommodate their unique needs to stay competitive. NewsVarsity interviewed Howard “The Captain” Cavanaugh, an entrepreneur. Whose business tutors young people in highly specialized skills such as coding and animation:

Meet the Need of a High Turnover Rate –

Many new employees have a tendency to quickly discover. That working for a small company is different from what they expected. And it’s common practice for these same workers to leave after just a few months on the job. By hiring freelancers who are already experienced in their fields. Your business is getting qualified help without having to put “the time. And effort into training someone only to see them move on down the road.”

 Gain Access to Specialized Skills –

There is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to hiring employees. Before considering an application, some positions require certain licensing or schooling. Freelance talent pools online allow small business owners to find people. Who possess the necessary skills and knowledge for a job, and then only hire that person when they’re truly needed.

Build a Better Relationship with Your Clientele –

According to The Indian Jurist, “Hiring freelancers not only gives you access to highly skilled individuals with niche expertise, but it also allows your clients to receive more personalized attention.”

Join Forces with Someone Who is Passionate About Their Work –

Most businesses go online when filling positions because they want fresh faces and new personalities on their teams; hiring freelancers gives them this chance without all of the possible downsides that come along with traditional employment options.

Save Money in Turnaround Times –

While hiring a new employee can be costly, having work performed by freelancers online is not only less expensive but also much faster.

Find the Right Person for the Job –

As previously stated, many times people who don’t find success in the corporate world. Quickly become bored and uninterested in their jobs; finding freelancers lets you skip this process altogether when filling positions that aren’t exactly popular with standard job seekers.

“I love what I do,” he said, “because I don’t have a boss breathing down my neck the whole time. I also get to stay flexible and work from home… not to mention hiring freelancers!” Waterfall Magazine predicts that within a few years, companies will be able to choose from a variety of highly specialized freelancers who can fit seamlessly into their businesses while still maintaining a high level of quality in products and services. NewsVarsity spoke with Cavanaugh about the future of business:

“Get ready,” he said, “because it’s going to be a wild ride! I wouldn’t go back if you paid me.” NewsVarsity agrees with Cavanaugh’s assessment. And predicts that many other workers will leave traditional jobs behind because they value independence over stability.

Article key points:

  • Benefits of hiring freelancers online for your team include meeting the need of a high turnover rate. Gaining access to specialized skills, building a better relationship with clients. Joining forces with a passionate worker, saving money in turnaround times and avoiding red tape.
  • New employees have a tendency to quickly discover that working for a small company is different from what they expected. And it’s common practice for these same workers to leave after just a few months on the job.
  • Freelance talent pools give small business owners access to people. Who possess the necessary skills and knowledge for a job. While avoiding costly and time-consuming hiring processes.
  • Hiring freelancers not only gives you access to highly skilled individuals with niche expertise but also allows your clients to receive more personalized attention.