Do’s and Don’ts of Book Review Writings

Do’s and Don’ts of Book Review Writings

If you are a bookworm like me, you might also habitually read the book you like twice or thrice. It is the urge to relieve the moments painted in the book again and again. Book review writing can help millions of customers with making a good purchasing decision.

It is not easy to write a balanced book review, but it can help readers think of buying the same book. Sharing your insights and experience with the books will be very useful for others. The readers will be interested in the opinions you have for the books. Choose to write a review of books that you want to write about. Whether you like the book or not, you must present an honest and detailed review of it. When you are writing a book review, here are a few do’s and don’ts you must consider:

What are the things you need to do for book review writing?

  • Start with a brief summary

Adding a brief summary is probably the best way to start book review writing since it gives a solid context. However, make sure you do not get into too much detail. Make sure that you keep it short and sweet. Anyone can find the official summary of the book through a quick Google search

  • Add brief quotes into the content

Adding quotes from the book is a great idea when you are writing a book review. The quotes will pose as examples of everything you are trying to say in your book review. If your book has a witty character, add a witty line from the character. Shorter quotes will help with keeping your points across in your work.

  • Try being more specific

Specifically, point out what you like and dislike about the book. You need to focus on your personal feelings and thoughts about the story. Consider answering the following question:

  1. What was the favourite part of the book and why?
  2. Did the book make you laugh or cry?
  3. How did the characters made you feel real?
  4. Who was your favourite character?
  5. Did the story keep you guessing?
  6. Did you wish the author ended the story in a different way?
  7. Was the story too scary for your liking?
  8. Which part of the book failed to meet your expectation?
  • Find similar books

The best way to wrap up your book review is by finding similar books to the one you are reviewing. Referring to other similar books in your review will help you become more specific. You should look at common things that make two books similar.

  • Be honest

As a book reviewer, you must share an honest book review. It does not need to be an absolute no or an absolute yes. When you offer a nuanced opinion, it will help you make a more interesting review. The honest review will help the customers understand what to expect from the book.

  • Make notes while reading

While reading the book for the first time, you should make notes not to miss out on any important points. You should consider reading the book twice or thrice. Pay attention to inconsistencies, leading themes and motifs, plot lapses, literary tools, landmarks, and the writing style to develop characters. All the key points need to be underlined in your text.

  • Polish your work

When you are writing a book review, there might be a tendency to overwriting. So to cut down the length of the book report, you might need to do several edits. This might lead to constantly reading and re-reading the work.

What are the things to Avoid in Book Review Writing?

  • Avoid giving evaluation to readers

You must avoid giving a personal evaluation of the book. Instead, you must consider giving analyses of the text so that the readers can understand on his/her own if the book is worth reading or not. If you dislike the book, focus on the negative aspects of the book. While you do that, you should also continue to show its positive sides also.

  • Avoid being rude

While some books you will admire, you might hate others. When you are trying to evaluate, make sure you are polite. Do not make it personal. Even if you find the author’s ideas to be trivial and poor, you must not use rude words while expressing your opinion. Find out ways how you can convey the ideas without offending anyone.

  • Avoid trashing the book unnecessarily

Avoid trashing about the book just because it was not something you have expected. You need to write a review of the book on your interpretation. Your feeling and opinion on something do not have to be the same as of the author.

  • Avoid mixing up pronouns

You should not mix up the reviews to ensure it does not appear sloppy. No matter what type of pronoun you are using, you should be consistent with it. If you want to be a do my assignment professional paper editor, you should make this a vital point.

  • Avoid making meaningless arguments

You should avoid using language that does not fit into the content. Also, avoid creating sentences that do not cover the points that you are trying to make. The best solution for this will be asking someone else to read your work and answering all the posed questions.

  • Avoid Repetitiveness

You should avoid repetitiveness in a book review. Repetitiveness will only highlight the insecurities that you have in your arguments. When you are repeating yourself in your review, it will show that you are not sure about the point you are making.

  • Avoid narcissism

While writing a book review, you must avoid being narcissistic. The book review will carry more weight when it is written from a voice that does not sound personal. Your name will already be present at the top of your book review, so avoid using the word ‘I’. The book review needs to have a purpose for the readers as well as the author. Do not make it sound like a blog.

Wrapping up,

The motive of a book reviewer is not to judge writers but to evaluate the book. Creating a energising, pleasing piece of writing is an art that you need to master. For writing a good book review, you have to understand the writer’s world. Reading the book will help with formulating your opinion; discuss the merits and demerits of the book.

AUTHOR BIO: Elle Miller is a professional writer and editor for over 10 years. Besides do my homework writing, she also writes reviews on movies, magazines, novels, music, art, and newspapers. She is also a part of for over 5 years.