6 Best Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

6 Best Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

With the changing times, Indian women are increasingly making their presence felt in the business world. Women do not wish to remain confined within the imposed roles of society anymore.

Financial institutions too have come forward to help this reckoning force with several entrepreneurial finance options. As more and more women are coming up with new business ideas, below are the best 6 business ideas for modern women entrepreneurs.

1. Vlogging/Blogging/Video Creation

This is a wonderful option for creative women who have free time and basic technical knowledge. They can create engaging content as a blogger/vlogger or short video creator on popular video-sharing channels. They can create content based on their interests or experiences, such as traveling, cooking, book reading, performance art, health, or anything under the sun. Once they get enough visitors, they start getting paid through ads, subscriptions, patronage, etc. and gain recognition for their talent. To start or grow this business, some capital financeis needed for various expenses, such as purchasing or upgrading a camera, tripod, microphone, and other equipment, maintaining a website, investing in props for videos, etc.

2. Freelance Content/Copy Writing

A freelance writer creates written content for clients as a self-employed professional. They generally work from home or rented office spaces. Most writers charge according to the research and time they have to put into a specific project. However, the billing varies according to several factors, including experience, skill, etc. Once a writer establishes herself in this field, she usually delegates work or collaborates with junior writers, who work for her in lieu of an agreed amount of payment. Entrepreneurs require constant capital finance to maintain utilities like internet, power, workstations, etc.

3. Bookkeeping

A bookkeeper manages records of financial transactions and is an integral part of accounting. Bookkeepers bring the books to the stage of trial balance and prepare ledgers. Based on the trial balance account statements and ledgers made by the bookkeeper, an accountant prepares the balance sheet or income statement. The requirement of significant entrepreneurial finance grows for several business needs, including, purchasing accounting software, paying salaries to employees, etc.

4. Web Designing

A web designer too can work from home and decide her working hours like a freelance writer. However, it required specific technical knowledge and skill-sets to do web designing and web developing. If a woman has both creativity and technical expertise, she can become very successful in this domain. As an entrepreneur, she will need capital finance for expenses like up-gradation, purchasing of tools and software, etc.

5. Interior Designing

An interior designer decorates residential and office spaces with beautiful colour themes, drapes, furnishing, indoor plants, artifacts, etc. They coordinate the way a living or working space should look to visitors. A designer makes rooms and interiors look cohesive and appealing. She must know how to draw and read blueprints. An interior designer works out of a studio, where she meets clients and shows them her sample work. An interior designer will need entrepreneurial finance for maintaining numerous resources.

6. Fashion Designing/Boutique

Entrepreneurs with fashion designing knowledge might start their label of apparel or jewelry and open their signature boutique, or they can purchase and trade fashion items in their shop.

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